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Discover all the bookmakers that accept Paypal as a method of payment as well as their limits, minimum deposit, pros and cons, commissions and much more!

One of the most widely used payment methods on a global scale in the online commerce sector is PayPal. Surely when paying your purchases online you have seen your logo next to the credit or debit card. Millions of users use PayPal around the world, and as expected the online gaming sector has not turned its back on it. Bookmakers, but also casinos, bingos or online poker rooms accept PayPal as a method of payment when users complete their deposits or withdraw their funds.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is an electronic wallet that allows the user to move their money. It is subject to the rules of the United States Department of the Treasury and the Financial Services Authority of the European Union, but it is not a bank since it is not governed by the same regulations. For example, in a bank money gives us an interest; In the case of PayPal, you do not get any return for having the money in your account. It is totally secure, and it prevents us from offering our bank details when completing our transactions.

Before using PayPal we have to create our account, either for private or company. In the case that interests us, we create a particular account, and fill in the information that appears on the registration form (email, password, name and address). To make your first deposit in PayPal you will have to use your bank account, credit card or debit card. Once again we enter all our data and the amount to enter and we have the account activated. Another option is to link the card to PayPal.

When the account has been verified, you can start paying via PayPal. When you select this option to pay, the PayPal login page will open to confirm the order, which will appear in the left column. In this way, you will only give your bank details to PayPal, the websites where you buy or make payments with PayPal will not have access to them and the security of your account is reinforced.

Bookmakers with PayPal

Despite turbulent beginnings in Europe in light of the novelty of PayPal’s business, its relationship with sports betting began in the UK with Betfair. As of today, we can use PayPal at Bet365, Betfair, William Hill, Bwin.

Each bookmaker has its own conditions when it comes to accepting the deposits of bettors, but as a general rule we speak of a minimum income of € 10. The money is transmitted at the moment, although at the time of requesting a withdrawal of funds it may take a little longer in some bookies. Beyond these bookmakers, the vast majority of online casinos (including those that have betting sections) and online bingo halls offer us the option of using PayPal to deposit or withdraw funds.

How to deposit through PayPal?

To make a deposit via PayPal in our bookmaker, we have to log in and follow the usual itinerary to deposit. In most cases you have to go to the user section and select the option “Deposit”. Then we will see the different payment methods that the bookmaker accepts, and we select the PayPal option. You will have to enter the amount of the deposit – always above the minimum – and we will continue the operation with PayPal.

How to withdraw funds in my PayPal account?

The way to withdraw funds from your player account to PayPal is similar. We go to the user area of the bookmaker and select the option withdrawal, where we will choose PayPal among the methods that it offers us. It is easy to complete a withdrawal with PayPal, the bookmaker requires you to have made your initial deposit by this method. The same goes for other payment methods such as credit card, to request a withdrawal before it is necessary to use that method to deposit.

For the rest, the withdrawal of funds is identical to the deposit process. We enter the amount to be withdrawn, always above the minimum required for the operation, and we continue the operation in PayPal after logging in. Sometimes, withdrawal requires a few hours for the bookmaker to validate it, so unlike what happens with the deposit you may have to wait a bit to enjoy the money. In any case, the wait usually does not exceed 24 hours. Throughout the process you can cancel the operation.

Advantages and disadvantages of using PayPal

Like all methods of payment, Paypal also has its advantages and disadvantages when using this method to deposit in a bookmaker or casino. Let’s see what they are:


Payment method accepted in almost all bookmakers
100% sure
You do not have to give your bank details
Enjoy money instantly
Available for deposits and withdrawals of funds
No commissions


You have to register with PayPal and have money or link a card
You need to deposit to withdraw
Sometimes you have to wait to receive the withdrawal
If you’ve linked a credit card, PayPal can charge you a fee by sending the funds to your bank account

Even so, Paypal is still one of the best alternatives when depositing and withdrawing money at any bookmaker that accepts this method.


At this point, you may have understood why PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods in online commerce. It is a totally safe method, very easy to use and that unlike what happens with other payment methods allows us to enjoy our money instantly or, in the worst case, in less than 24 hours if the bookie has to validate a withdrawal. That is another advantage, it allows us to make both deposits and withdrawals of funds.

Despite having some small handicaps, such as the need to have deposited via PayPal before making any withdrawals, we have a more than valid payment method. No commission is applied, neither when making deposits or when we request a withdrawal of funds to the bookmaker, it is totally safe and the players most jealous of their privacy do not have to offer their banking information to the bookmaker.