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What is a sportsbook bonus? What betting bonuses are there?

With a few exceptions, all bookmakers offer new customers a welcome bonus. In view of the highly competitive market, you are almost spoiled for choice and not every sports betting bonus promises what it holds. Our betting bonus comparison gives you an overview of currently valid promotions. If you can not do anything with the term sports betting bonus yet or if you do not know exactly what types of betting bonuses there are, we will explain all the details in detail below.

Let’s start with a brief definition: A betting bonus is granted to the customer by the bookmaker on different occasions and is usually synonymous with a gifted betting deposit. However, tied to a bonus are usually some bonus conditions. Thus, the gift money offered can only be paid out in real money in a few cases, as a rule it is necessary to fulfill certain sales conditions before a payment is made.

The best known bonus for sports betting is certainly the welcome or new customer bonus, which is usually credited after the account has been opened depending on the amount of the first deposit. The new customer bonus only applies to the first registration with a bookmaker. In addition, there are a few other bonus types that you as an existing customer depending on the bookmaker from time to time can take. The following bonuses are given to you at different times and not always:

  • First Deposit Bonus
  • Free bet
  • Cashback bonus
  • Mobile Bonus
  • Reload bonus
  • Multi-bet Bonus
  • Bonus for Refer a Friend

Below you will find brief information about the respective bonus types.

First Deposit Bonus

As already mentioned, the classic bonus for new customers often depends on the amount of the first deposit and is often used as a synonym for the new customer bonus. Many bookmakers grant a bonus of 50 or 100 percent on the first deposit. For example, if a bookmaker offers you a 100% bonus, and you deposit $ 100 after registering for the first time, you can start with a $ 200 credit. Note that for the amount of the bonus, an upper limit is set, which is at many books at 100 €. For example, if you pay 500 euros, you will also receive “only” 100 euros for free. As an example of a good first deposit bonus, we would like to mention the Bet365 bonus here.

Free bet

Here, there is an overlap, because a free bet is offered to both new and existing customers. Some bookmakers, such as Betvictor or William Hill offer new customers a welcome gift in the form of a free bet as a welcome gift. The disadvantage of free bet offers is usually that you can only pay out the net profit when you win a free bet. Such free bet actions are granted at regular intervals also existing customers, for example to special matches of the Champions League. Here, too, in most cases, only the net profit (betting profit wager) is credited to a free bet won.

Cashback bonus

The Cashback Bonus will normally refund you to a lost bet (keyword: money back guarantee). Some bookmakers offer this bonus option to new customers as a welcome gift, such as the BetVictor welcome bonus. You open a new betting account and place a first bet. This bet is based on your sports betting bonus. Such cashback offers are also granted to existing customers at special events / games. After submitting a qualifying bet, there is a money back guarantee (cashback) when a particular event occurs (example: Bet365 – 0: 0 Boring Game).

Mobile Bonus

With the triumph of smartphones and tablets, mobile Internet has become increasingly important. Of course, this has also been recognized by the various bookmakers, who consistently offer the full betting program as a mobile version, either via a mobile app or specially designed mobile websites. So you are guaranteed no more bet. With some bookmakers, you can also deduct a mobile bonus to test bets with the phone / tablet without risk. These mobile bonuses are mostly granted on the first mobile bet – usually in the form of a free bet or a cashback bonus.

Reload bonus

The reload bonus or deposit bonus is usually granted to existing customers. On the one hand to retrieve no longer active customers, on the other hand to reward existing customers for their loyalty. The Reload Bonus, also known as the Reactivation Bonus, works in the same way as the First Deposit Bonus and is granted with an upper limit depending on the amount of the deposit. With regard to the percentage payment, the deposit bonus for existing customers usually can not compete with offers for new customers. Nevertheless, such bonus actions are always a nice “gift” that you should not miss.

Multi-bet Bonus

Some online bookmakers offer their customers a kind of insurance for combination bets. Conditions vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but they always work in the same way. You choose a certain number of games for your combo bet, and if you lose your bet on just one wrong bet on your betting slip, you will receive the bet back. With your individual tips, there is usually a minimum rate to observe, making a combination bet with five wins is often not possible. Another form of the combo bonus is the Bet365 football bonus, where you can secure yourself an extra win on winning combo bets.

Friendship Bonus (Refer-a-Friend)

As is known from many other areas of daily life, bookmakers also have rewards for advertising new customers. Who demonstrably advertises a friend or acquaintance, may look forward to some bookmakers for a free sports betting bonus. With refer-a-friend promotions you can secure yourself as an advertiser an extra bonus, which is also payable in real money after fulfillment of certain turnover conditions.