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A tipster is a bettor who shares his predictions with other bettors, either free or through payment.

Internet in general and social networks in particular are full of people who share their bets, some even charging money for it. They are the so-called “tipsters”. In this article we explain what are they and if they really deserve to be followed.

What is a tipster?

A tipster is a person who is dedicated to recommend betting through their forecasts.

Types of tipsters

On the internet we can find a large number of tipsters with different characteristics that mix with each other. Let’s see what advantages and disadvantages each one has:

Free tipster

They are mostly amateur bettors who share their forecasts on pages and forums. Sometimes it is difficult to know their results, but they are useful to discover interesting odds or to have more points of view in the analysis of a bet.

Freemium Tipsters

They are tipsters who share some forecasts for free while others reserve them for payment. It is assumed that the payment are bets that the tipster considers better than those he shares for free, so seeing their public results we can get an idea of whether it deserves to pay for private forecasts.

Premium or payment tipster

In principle they are professional bettors who charge for having access to their forecasts. Therefore, it is essential to know their results and the yield they have accumulated before opting for them. We also have to know what total capital they manage and adapt it proportionally to ours. You can accumulate a bad streak that with your capital can overcome it while we lose everything.

Foreign tipster

Here the main drawback may be the language. However, you can give us a lot of information about the competitions of your country and access to picks with good odds that in other countries can go unnoticed.

Generalist tipster

It is the one that recommends bets from different sports, competitions or markets. As a rule, the more extensive the number of variants you manage, the less the volume of knowledge and information that you will need to manage will be less reliable.

Specialized tipster

The ideal is that the tipsters are very specialized in a sport, in a competition or in a type of market. They are the ones who have the most information and knowledge when making their forecasts.

How to recognize a good tipster?

The cotton test of any tipster is its yield in the long term. A tipster that maintains a positive yield after thousands of bets made over several years shows that he has the necessary knowledge and the ability to identify good odds and bets.

To avoid possible deception in your results, it is best to follow it for a reasonable period of time to see if it maintains results similar to those it claims to have. Some tipsters are grouped into platforms which checks that the results are correct. It is also advisable to check the number of followers you have, as it is normal for a good tipster to have a multitude of followers in different social networks.

Considerations about tipsters

Following tipsters does not guarantee that we will have easy and immediate gains. They are a good tool when you do not have time to look for odds or you are not sure of an analysis and you want to contrast with another, but you are also exposed to negative streaks and losses, which can drag you down.

The advisable thing is to learn oneself to make bets and to be improving little by little, although they are used to tipsters as occasional support. The tipsters of payment are not usually very recommendable because any good professional of the bets would gain more money using the time in looking and making bets than in sharing them and charging for the same ones.