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Payment methods

The bookmakers usually offer different methods of payment to be able to make income or withdraw money from user accounts. The variety of payment methods allows the user to choose the option that best suits their circumstances.

In general we can summarize the payment methods in four large groups: credit and debit cards, electronic purses, prepaid cards and bank transfers. Within each group we can find some particularities and differences between each option. Knowing each method allows the user of bookmakers to select the one that provides greater security and comfort.

Below we will know each and every one of the payment methods of bookmakers available today and we will finish with a final conclusion.

Bank transfer

A bank transfer is a transfer of funds from a bank account to a national bank account. Nowadays most of these operations are carried out through online banking, so we are talking about electronic transfers of funds from one account to another.

This method is very well suited to users who want to do balance newspaper in their account, since it is possible to program it as if it were a direct debit.

Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards are a very common way of paying for goods or services. If the user’s bank accepts transactions to online gaming sites, it is a very convenient and quick method of depositing funds, since the operation is instantaneous.

The credit cards usually used in the bookmakers are MasterCard and Visa, while for debit cards we have Maestro and Visa Electron.


Skrill is an electronic wallet, also known as a digital wallet or ewallet. Skrill allows you to make payments, receive or send money online with an account linked to an email address and a password. In this way, the bank information acts as a hidden intermediary for the recipient, increasing security.


Neteller is an electronic wallet that allows you to make income, payments and transfers of funds over the Internet. With Neteller you can make an instant income in a bookmaker’s account. Neteller is used to make income in the account without revealing personal data or credit card.


PayPal works as an electronic wallet that allows you to make online payments quickly and safely. PayPal is generally used to instantly deposit money into a bookmaker’s account without disclosing personal or credit card information. PayPal is designed to be one of the safest methods to send money online.


Paysafecard is a payment method known as a “prepaid card”. With a paysafecard you can send money online easily and safely, without the need to reveal personal data.

Paysafecard is the world market leader in the field of prepaid online payment methods. To use it you must previously buy a Paysafecard at any point of sale: kiosks, gas stations, supermarkets, etc. On the card comes a 16-digit pin for 10, 25, 50 and 100 euros. To use them you just have to use the pin at the betting house you choose.


This payment method requires the registration of an Entropay account with which we can create up to 30 virtual Visa cards. This virtual card works like a reusable prepaid debit card. By entering funds in our Entropay account, we can use it in any bookmaker that accepts Visa, either online or by phone.


Trustly offers the possibility of making online income directly from a bank account. It is a comfortable and easy to use method, as it simply acts as an intermediary safeguarding our data before the income recipient.

This payment method is supervised by the Swedish financial authority, thus guaranteeing the highest levels of security. In addition to offering fast and easy income and payments, you do not need to register or install additional software.


Neosurf is a payment method of the type “prepaid card”. Acquiring a card at one of the points of sale (booths, grocery stores …) we will have a code to which you will be associated an amount of money.

The amount of money can reach a maximum of 250 euros. The Neosurf codes can be used several times until the balance is exhausted. It also allows you to transfer remaining balance from one card to another. No need to make any registration or give a datum, with this method we can enter balance in a bookmaker with total confidentiality.

Fast Bank Transfer

Fast Bank Transfer is a transfer of funds between bank accounts that operate in the same country. The advantage it presents is that its terms are shorter than between banks or international transfers. If this option is chosen, the bookmaker must provide an account number to which to make the deposit from another account owned by the user.


Instadebit or Idebit is an electronic wallet that allows you to transfer money safely, acting as an online intermediary.

The advantage is that it does not require the registration of an account, but is operated directly from your own bank account, without disclosing your personal banking information to the sender of the transaction.

Sofort Banking

Sofort Banking is a new online payment system that is based on the usual Internet services of any bank. It consists of carrying out an online banking operation as if we were doing it from our account, but through its website. In this way, the security and confidentiality of the banking data is guaranteed against the recipient of the transaction.


Fundsend is a way to send money from a credit or debit card directly to the bookmaker. It is fast, easy to use and totally safe. To use it we need the ID in Fundsen of the bookmaker, indicating the user the amount of funds that you wish to send. Once the operation is completed, the amount is charged to the card.

Instant Banking

Instant Banking is an online payment method based on online banking. With this method, a bank transfer is made through the Internet through Instant Banking, which acts as an intermediary between the user and the bookmaker. Its main advantages are that it is fast, safe and very simple by not requiring more accounts or records.


The users of bookmakers have a multitude of payment methods at their disposal, which can cause doubts when deciding on one of them. Many payment methods are designed to give users greater security against less reliable recipients, such as the case of an online sale between individuals. This is not the case of bookmakers, which are solvent companies covered by legislation through a license.

For this reason, it is advisable to use the most direct payment methods, such as cards or bank transfers, which do not require the registration of an account in third parties as an intermediary. They are simpler methods, just as safe, but they save time and possible problems with that third party that mediates the operation.