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What is the Betfair Exchange?

It is a system of exchange bets – or exchange of bets – in which instead of betting against the bookie – Betfair – you do it against other bettors, and the odds are set by the market; that is, the users propose and accept them. A customer can propose a certain quota that a team will win a match, and if another customer accepts it, it will act as if it were the bookmaker, winning the bet if that team ties or loses the match.

What is Betfair Cash Out?

Betfair cashout is a function that allows you to recover part of the bet during a sporting event. Its operation is similar to other betting pages: if the match in which you have bet offers you the cashout option, you will be able to close your bet to thereby ensure a partial win or minimize losses. However, you should keep in mind that if you opt for this option on a recurring basis … you will be giving up considerable potential gains in the long term

What are Betfair points?

These are points you can get if you bet on the Betfair Exchange; and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, in both cases you will accumulate points. As you get more Betfair Comp Points, Betfair will gradually reduce the percentage (commission) that is left of your earnings.

Can I bet on Betfair through an application?

If you bet on Betfair you can use several apps for mobile devices. This online bookmaker has developed differentiated applications for sports betting: one for your Sportsbook and one for the Exchange, and a third for casino. If you have an iPhone / iPad, you must download them in the App Store; while if your smartphone has an Android operating system, you can do it through Betfair’s own website.

What is Combined Edge Insurance?

With this option, Betfair offers its customers the possibility of securing their combined bets. If one of the selections of the combined – which must be at least three matches – is losing, the user recovers the amount bet. In contrast to that, the combined odds are reduced. To use Edge Insurance, the customer must select the Edge box before placing the bet. This type of offer is also offered by other betting pages, they are known as bet promotions combined with insurance / insured