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Draw, invalid bet

It is a way of betting that reduces to two options the result of an event, declaring the bet null or void in case of a tie. In the latter case, the money wagered is returned.

‘Draw, invalid bet’ is another term linked to bets that comes from English: draw no bet. Sometimes bettors refer to it through its acronym: DNB. It means ‘Draw, invalid bet’ and implies that by betting on one of the contenders, in case the match is tied, the bet is void and the amount played is returned.

Draw, invalid bet and Asian handicap 0.0

The invalid draw and the Asian handicap 0 are equivalent bets that produce the same effects. However, even if they are the same type of bet, they are not always paid the same, even within the same bookmaker. This gives us the opportunity to use one or the other indistinctly, being able to compare the odds of both bets and choose the one that is higher.

As a general rule, the handicap is usually better paid than the ‘tie, not valid bet’ option, so it is highly advisable to look for it in the Asian handicap markets and compare it with the draw no bet.

When to use the ‘Draw not valid’?

The bet on the invalid tie is used mainly to reduce the risk, since we eliminate one of the possible results, the draw, as a generator of losses. This, of course, is associated with lower odds compared to directly betting on the victory of one of the contenders.

This bet is especially recommended when you bet on local contenders that are favorites and at the same time maintain a relatively high share. If we establish in our analysis of the encounter that the probability of the visitor winning is really low, we would be covering most of the probable results without any losses, since either we would win the bet, or it would be canceled returning the amount bet.


The Eibar receives Celta de Vigo in its field and the bookmakers place it as a favorite with odds around 2.40. Our analysis of the match also establishes an acceptable probability that Eibar will win and a very low probability that Celta will win. However, the probability of a tie can not be ruled out completely. Faced with this situation, we can choose to bet in favor of Eibar with the option bet draw invalid. The odds for the victory of Eibar would be reduced around 1.70, but we would not have losses if it were to tie.