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Bookmakers with better odds for football

1. Betfair

If we talk about odds for competitions and football matches, Betfair is undoubtedly part of the elite, and in fact on many occasions you will find the best odds on its website. What allows Betfair to offer such high odds is to have developed an exchange betting system – the Betfair Exchange – which is where you’ll find the best odds in top-notch football matches.

Betfair is excellent for major leagues and soccer competitions, but it is not as recommended for smaller matches or tournaments because there are fewer bettors in such markets and the number of available odds is therefore significantly lower. If you bet on football with Betfair you will be able to access the highest odds in the market in the major leagues and football competitions through its Exchange

2. Betsson

Betsson is one of the most important betting companies in Scandinavia and offers online sports betting since 2002. The company provides a great offer for football betting, where the quality of its odds is excellent. Although the percentage of return that Betsson offers in general lines is not among the best, in football it does stand out.

On their website, you will be able to find odds in football matches and tournaments that are significantly above average – although their odds are not able to reach the same level as Betfair. If we add the category of their bets to football live and with the mobile to the quality of their odds, Betsson gets a remarkable high.