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Bonuses without deposit

Is it possible to play for free at an online bookmaker? We can repeat this question by changing the bookmaker for an online casino or a poker room, and the answer will always be the same: yes, we can get free no deposit bonuses, but they are not available in all gaming operators but it is an offer limited to certain bookmakers, casinos or online poker rooms that decide to offer a welcome bonus without deposit to players who register on their website.

It is something more characteristic of the casino or online poker than of the bookmakers, but it is true that more and more bookmakers are deciding to take the step and offer free bonuses to their users. Of course, it is not about “free” money in the strict sense of the word, since although you will not have to make any deposit to enjoy the balance, you will have to play that money a lot of times if you want to end up withdrawing the gains (the well-known rollover).

You have to be clear that no deposit bonuses are an opportunity offered by online gambling operators to familiarize us with their games, their interface, their mechanisms, but the ultimate goal of any bookmaker, casino or room of online poker is that the user ends up making a deposit. And when you make this first deposit you can access the welcome bonus, which are 100% compatible with the bonuses without deposits despite the urban legend says otherwise.

So, to take advantage of a non-deposit betting bonus, a no-deposit bonus for roulette or slots or a free bonus for poker, the first thing we do is register by entering our personal data. Then the bonus in question will be activated, and you can take advantage of it according to the terms and conditions of the bonus. It is very important to read them, since they show the rollover, the games in which you can use it, the maximum profits, etc.

Basics of no deposit bonuses

When evaluating the best bonuses without deposits, it is necessary to be clear about a series of concepts that will accompany us while we use them:

Rollover: obligation to bet a certain amount a number of times in particular before you can withdraw funds from your account.
Maximum earnings: maximum amount of money you can withdraw with the no-deposit bonus once you have completed the rollover.
Contribution: not all games contribute the same amount to the rollover. Depending on the risk you assume, the contribution will be higher or lower, reaching 100% in cases such as sports betting or staying in percentages such as 20% in low risk bets such as color in roulette.
Welcome bonus: bonus offered to the player for his first deposit. Compatible with no deposit bonuses unless otherwise specified.

Types of bonuses without deposit

We find three types of non-deposit bonuses: the no deposit bonuses of bookmakers, the no-deposit casino welcome bonuses and the free bonuses for poker. Bonuses without deposit of slots are included in the casino chapter.

No deposit bonuses for sports betting

These are very interesting bonuses to enter bookmakers without a deposit, which will allow us to enjoy their markets without having to make any previous deposit. The amount of the bonus depends on each bookmaker.

Free casino no deposit bonus

If there is a segment of the online game that is characterized by no deposit bonuses for new players, this is the casino. It is enough to search well to find free casino bonuses, there are online casinos that offer us free spins for their slots, others offer us large quantities limiting the games that we can use, in others there is no limit…

The bonuses without deposit for casino are characterized to have a rollover quite superior to the one that we are in its equivalents of sports bets or poker, although also it is certain that we can take a good pinch with them. It never hurts to remember that the real objective of the bonus is to publicize the casino games that they offer us, which justifies a rollover in excessive occasions and with very tight deadlines for bonuses that, remember, are free.

Bonuses without deposit for poker

Bet365 offers us no-deposit bonuses for online poker rooms. The poker section of Bet365 offers us a fixed amount that we will play as we want. Of course, it is not mandatory to make any deposit to access our profits.

No deposit bonus for bingo

Nowadays, it is quite complicated to find an online bingo room that offers us a bonus just for registering. Most require a deposit to access the bonus and the free games they offer.