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Strategy betting with tennis.

How to make money with tennis?

Like all sports, with tranquility and especially a lot of analysis of the games, in a sport that physics, mentality and many other factors (types of tracks, previous tournaments) are taken into account, we must try to control them all.

From my experience, first of all I look at the previous matches of each player, results and how he arrives at the match in question, also I also watch the matches played between both players, the psychology in this sport counts and a lot.

Modality in which you earn more easily (live)

The tennis matches to be very “changing”, that is to say in the same game we can see several different parties, this leads us to trading, with this we can cover.

Matches to three sets, the favorite loses the first set, we bet for him, wins the second set and returns to be the favorite, we cover ourselves in time, sure gain.

In order to do this, you have to see the game and above all have an acceptable live and multiple options.

What not to do in these bets?

I always bet on the lives of tennis matches, I almost never do it without starting the game, as I have this of tennis goes a lot for sensations and any player nowadays can give the surprise to another.

Another recommendation would give, would not bet on feelings, for example Djokovic – Santoro, Djokovic is better and ranking number 3, we put a pasture and that’s it, I see this crazy and we can lose a lot of pasta, be careful with this.

Bookmakers to bet on tennis.

I personally love Bwin and Betfair, the first with lower odds, but a wonderful live in it that if you know how to bet with ease we can earn a lot of money.

Betfair is in my opinion the best bookmakers of all, and not just for tennis, better odds, great variety, the only disadvantage that you have to learn a bit in betting to earn money, if you are a novice I do not recommend it , for now.

In William Hill another bookmaker where I have experience, I do not recommend it to bet tennis, the live is pretty bad, although lately they have improved it, it has little variety.