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over / under, tactics observations, tennis bets

over / under: In tables you can read how many goals a team has scored and how many have cashed. If a team scored a total of 30 goals in 20 games (for example, goal difference 21: 9), scored an average of 1.5 goals in a game of this team and you can count on less than 3 goals in the match.

A small example: Getafe, a Spanish football club in the first league, they usually play 1: 0, 0: 1 or 1: 1 …

Tactics of the teams find out in small groups: From time to time it is very easy to recognize (in decisive games) what a team has a tactic and derive interesting bets from it.

Examples from the World Cup qualifiers: Serbia-Montenegro scored only 1 goal in 9 matches, but also shot only 15. In the last game against Bosnia-Herzegovina they would draw to secure second place and a victory for sure the 1st place to prove. Since Bosnia-Herzegovina also did not have the best storm, it was clear to me: either 1: 0 victory for Serbia-Montenegro (odds 6,0) or 0: 0 (odds 7,5) -> The game went 1: 0 for Serbia.

Similar in the other qualifying group between Norway and Belarus. In a 0: 0 Norway would certainly group second. So it was clear for me either 0: 0 (odds 8.0) or 1: 0 (odds 6.0), because Belarus throws everything forward in the end and thus a counterattack for Norway will arise … -> The game ended 1-0 and Norway scored the winning goal in the 70th minute

Tennis: The odds are made by world ranking positions. However, it depends very much on the play surface. Spaniards play very well on sand, but not so good on hard surfaces (grass (Wimbledon), rubber, …) Good racquets have advantages on these fast surfaces. For example, Ivan Ljubicic performs better at the US Open and Wimbledon than at the French Open (Sand) Therefore, you can often count on tennis players with a high odds to win …