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Long-term bets

They are a type of bet whose resolution is given over a long period of time. Normally they cover the dispute of several sporting events prior to the resolution, such as when the winner of a tournament or championship is bet before it begins.

Bets can be classified based on many parameters, but usually we just do a simple division, pre-match bets and live bets. But you could add another kind of bets, long-term bets.
Long-term bets

They are not usually so interesting for the average bettor because, as their name suggests, they are long term and means having that money stopped for quite some time, and unless you have large banks it is not usually interesting to have a large part of your bank distributed in bets of this type.

But just as there are people who specialize in live betting or in specific betting markets, such as overs / unders, statistical bets, etc., there are also people who specialize in long-term bets, and if they really do analyze well can be a great source of income.

Types of long-term bets

In football, for example, the most common long-term bets are of the League Winner type, Cup Winner, Champions Winner, League top scorer, etc. But in summer or at certain times of the year we can see many bets regarding the future of players and coaches.

If you are attentive to both rumors and news from national and international press and are constantly reviewing the odds of bookmakers with these markets you can take very useful odds.

Examples of long-term bets

To give the clearest example of this summer market, at the end of the season some media came to doubt the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, as it was said he did not want to renew, and in some bookmakers they launched the bet on which club would be at the end of the summer market. In bwin, after a series of rumors about its non-renewal the share that would remain at Real Madrid reached 1.70, a gift considering that it is the pillar of Real Madrid. In a matter of days the bet was gradually declining until 1.05-1.10.

The long-term bets of the League Winner type in football, the Tournament Winner in tennis, or the Basketball Championship Winner (to say the most common ones) can be very interesting to trade, and the odds will change with the step of time, and these changes can be used to ensure benefits reached at a certain point.

Long-term trading

So that we can see how this type of trades can be, we are going to resort to what happened in the last NBA season. At the start of the PlayOffs, when the Memphis Grizzlies were 2-0 down in the tie against the Los Angeles Clippers their share for conference winners was 8. After defeating the Clippers they defeated the OKC Thunder and reached the final, lowering their 1.9 winners’ conference fee in many bookmakers. At this point you could make a trade with a profit of more than 50%, and ensure profits no matter what happened.