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Control the odds by betting live

In the following article I will tell you about the system that I use in live betting.

The first thing I usually do is wait a bit for the evolution of the game, which I try to follow live on some internet channel, or inform me of the recent trajectory of those who face the game. The sports that I usually follow for LIVE bets are soccer and tennis, since I think they are somewhat more predictable and with a smaller margin of surprise than other sports more unknown to me.

As for football matches, I usually look at the goalscoring ratio of both teams, so that I can determine how the local team is at the top of the scores, and as a goal scorer the visiting team is exercising as such. If I see that both are prolific in goals, I usually start with a bet of +0.5 goals in the first half, without a lot of money, and in a high number of occasions it usually comes out, with which we will have already begun with something.

Then I’m still waiting for the evolution of the game, and I control the betting odds of the type +2.5 and -2.5, +3.5 and -3.5 at the end of the match. What is interesting is to see a quota higher than 2, so that it allows us to cover our bet throughout the match, that is, make whatever happens, win the bet.

For example, let’s think about the following situation: We are around the 20th minute of the match and there are no goals. The score of -2.5 at the end of the match is 2.40. At this time we put a reasonable amount to that bet, keeping in mind that the game is expected to be a scorer although both teams seem to be stuck. Let’s say we bet an amount of 5 euros.

Once the bet is made, we have a time of uncertainty, in which we do not know what will happen, whether there will be goals or not, but because of the dynamics of the game it seems that there will not be. We call this time the “risk time”.

We continue to see the evolution of the game and we look at the odds of the opposite bet to the one we have made, and if, indeed, they do not go scoring goals throughout the first part, the +2.5 goal odds at the end of the game will go up. We must be alert to the moment when these odds rises above 2, at which point we must decide on the following:

If we want to ensure what was bet previously. If the share of +2.5 goals is equal to 2, we can make a bet of 5 euros, so that, if in the end more goals are scored, we will not have won or lost, but if they are scored less we will have a gain of 0.40 * 5 euros If we wait a little longer for the +2.5 goals to go up, and there are still no goals in the match, we will have a sure win. Let’s assume that these odds reaches the same 2.40 as the previous bet. In this case, introducing the same amount as before, we will have an assured profit of 20 percent of the investment. Let’s see it with numbers:

Bet -2.5 final match: 5 euros to 2.40 -> Possible win = 12 euros
Bet +2,5 final match: 5 euros to 2.40 -> Possible win = 12 euros

Cost of both bets: 10 euros Net benefit: 2 euros = 20% of the investment

It is not a bet that can always occur, and sometimes, during the time of risk, begin to score goals and the share of the bet to cover us takes a long time to reach 2, even never comes and we can lose our bet, for what we should value well the meeting and the possible risk that we are assuming.

These bets will not make you a millionaire either, but with a little experience and mischief you will ensure not very high but fixed profits, that after all, is what is intended, that is, not lose but make money with the bets.