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10 common betting mistakes that you should avoid

Many times we make mistakes when betting that they end up hurting us. Next we will analyze the 10 most common failures of bettors and see how we can solve them to prevent them from recurring.

Nobody said that betting was easy, and many times we make small mistakes that end up hurting us. It is easy that you know some of the most common failures of bettors, as it is also possible that you feel identified with some of them. What at first seemed like a good idea may not be so good, so we will know the 10 most common mistakes when betting, so that you can correct and correct your betting strategy and orient it towards the green.

1 Bet on your team

We all have colors. We are from a team, we follow a tennis player or pilot and we bet in his favor. But as you well know, you have to bet with the head, not with the heart that can play tricks on us. Maybe you trust your team, but it is a distorted view of reality, influenced by your colors and a press that can be related. The best solution to the problem is not to bet when your team plays. So you just have to take care of cheering, without worrying about whether your bet comes out or not.

2 Repeat selections in combined bets

Combined bets have their defenders and their detractors. It is clear that the more selections there are, the more likely we are to fail but to introduce the same selection in two or more different combinations is to play Russian roulette. However safe it may seem, it can fail and if the selection fails you have lost both bets. It may serve you a week, but in the medium term it is not sustainable. The solution, never repeat selections in your combined.

3 Blindly bet on the favorite

Barça or Real Madrid, Rafa Nadal, Marc Márquez, Lewis Hamilton … are synonymous with victory, but occasionally they also fail. The favorites always win, although some bettors believe so, so you have to analyze the bet and everything that can influence it. Betting on the favorite is not always a safe bet, and an underdog can always arise and ruin the bet. Therefore, we will never bet on the favorite just because it is the favorite.

4 Include many low odds in a combined

Another quite common mistake when we make combined bets is to include many selections at a very low odds. It is clear that the lower the odds, the more likely the bet is to be successful but they have very little value and we cannot ignore the more selections included, the easier it is for one to fail and lose the combination. In this case, what we should do is to find the balance between odds, value and number of selections to reduce risks.

5 Change the bet at the last moment

It is more common in physical bets than online, where the influence of the environment causes us to change our mind at the last minute and bet instead of what we had thought. As you know, the key to a bet is to think it through and analyze it thoroughly, something that we obviously do not do if we change our mind at the last minute. Therefore, if you are not 100% clear, do not bet. It is always better to repent of not betting than to repent of changing the bet at the last minute for a heartbeat or for external influences.

6 Inform you badly

One of the keys to a good bet analysis is to be well informed. However, many players base their bets on information from media or journalists of doubtful credibility. It may seem that they are close to the club or an athlete, but they are nothing more than smoke sellers who have made fake news their way of life. Therefore, in the face of injuries, internal conflicts or transfers, it is always better to doubt and contrast the information in serious media.

7 Do not read the fine print of the promotions

Usually we find interesting promotions that combine bonuses or offer us insurance, promotions with free bets if there is a specific situation, etc. But promotions have a small print, and we should never use a promotion without reading the terms and conditions – and understand them. Then come the regrets because the bet does not meet any requirement and we run out of prize. You always have to read the fine print.

8 Increase stake to recover losses

It is surely the most serious mistake of all, since you are compromising your bank. Increasing the stake to recover losses will lead us to bankruptcy, especially if we are in a bad run, and that can lead to serious personal problems or gambling debts. It is an irresponsible strategy, even when we have set a stop loss or loss limit. Therefore, if we are in a bad run we will reduce the stake or even stop playing for a while.

9 Bet without limits

Bets also work for streaks, but you shouldn’t keep betting if you’re going through a pothole. As we said in the previous point, betting without limit can lead to very serious economic and personal problems, and if we are playing it is for fun and nothing else. Therefore, it is necessary to set a limit and stop betting when we get there. In the bookmaker itself you can decide how much money you can deposit monthly, so do not exceed that limit even by betting on other bookmakers or physical stores.

10 Bet without being in full power

To make that good analysis of the bet, control the bank and play the appropriate amount in each bet is essential to keep our faculties fully operational. Therefore, betting under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication is dangerous since we can perceive a distorted reality that will end up negatively affecting our bets. The same happens if we bet with personal problems. To bet you have to have the 5 senses alert and head in place.