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The reason for the valuebets

If you more or less start to control the issue of bets with value, poorly paid bets and other basic concepts of a good bettor, you will have realized that these bets with value are not seen by the naked eye but must be found, which It is usually a very difficult task, if not very difficult if our field of play (sport in which we are “specialized”) is small.

A good tipster, or one with experience knows what forecasts can find value even without looking at the odds for each event. How can this be? Easy, it’s just about finding some feature, some news, some peculiarity that makes us go against the market or at least, not so in favor of the possibilities granted by the oddsmaker in charge of the event.

If our specialization is good, we may know more about the subject than 90% of the bettors at that event, and we may also control more than the person in charge of setting the odds. That has to be taken advantage of. One of the “reasons” (to name one) that usually serves as an excuse for a bet with value is the fact that a team has started a competition with a negative streak of results, but that these results have been produced against very superior rivals , therefore, when playing against rivals of their level, the odds may be “too” affected by those previous results and there exists a good prognosis.

The oddsmaker will put the odds in order to ensure benefits for the bookmaker, many times even knowing that they are not well placed. But of course, many people (losers) play with bad bets or just to have fun even giving away the money, so these losers encourage the existence of good bets.

Going back to the previous example of a team with a bad performance, let’s call it team B), we would say that his opponent (this time of his level, we will call him C) have put very bad minimum odds. The losers or bad bettors (which are many) will put the money in favor of team C, arguing that the defeat of B will be again, almost certain. Since this odds are very bad, by default, the victory of team B will have value because the odds will be higher than we expected.

Controlling these factors through experience, many times we will be able to deduct possible bets with value even before the odds come to light, and remember, the oddsmakers are not stupid. They simply play with the odds so that the bad bettors bite into them which fish on a hook, thanks to them there are the valuebets, hence the phrase that the losers feed the winners.