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The act of betting

The human being is, by nature, the most avaricious living being in history; Worrying at all times to get absolute control over various situations and thus be able to predict the consequences to come; Something that is included as part of the process of evolution.

So much so, that the bets became, during a certain time, a mere reflection of the human need to demonstrate the impossible, to predict a possible future more than beneficial for our private coffers; Giving place thus, to all class of forecasts and pre-analysis in search of the glory that grants to predict an echo that still has not taken place.

This technique was put into practice between individuals, in a face-to-face “on-line” where hundreds of forums are and will witness avid debates where information and prediction flows in the same way and speed with which a ball gets to put Standing to an entire stadium after passing the finish line.

This attitude is motivated by awards, succulent rewards that, in my opinion, deteriorate the essence of the art of predicting itself, since it is written based on receiving a compliment and a massive recognition for “how well you have done them”, for feeling superior to the rest even if it’s only for a mere 90 real minutes.

And as always … the solution is in ourselves since, the day we learn to write for the rest and not for the individual benefit, we will get an avalanche of successes, and the prizes (if they continue to be needed) will be mere witnesses of the evolution of the bettor: A being who has a long way to go …