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Terms and conditions of a bookmaker: betting regulations

For obvious reasons, bookmakers have their own regulations, consisting of a series of terms and conditions whose reading is important before completing the registration process. As a first step, operators make it clear that the customer is always responsible for each bet and also that they are making the desired move. Likewise, they reserve the right of admission in certain cases. For example, if it is verified that the user carries out dishonest actions in order to win. For claims of any kind, these companies usually offer good customer service throughout the day.

Something interesting that usually constitutes a doubt for beginners has to do with what happens with the extensions and penalties, for example in football. The truth is that the bookmakers only take into account the regulatory time to determine whether a bet is winning or not, unless otherwise specified.

In another order, it is also worth knowing that user accounts are non-transferable and that the loss of the password or other data will not be sufficient reason to cancel a bet. In parallel, the client must make known any change in relation to their personal data. Some operators can block and even close an account if it remains inactive for a certain period of time.

Limits and restrictions

The first requirement that must be met to be part of the exciting world of sports betting is to be of legal age. In that sense, all bookmakers agree. To register and start betting you must be 18 or older, in a disposition that promotes Responsible Gaming and the fight against gambling addiction.

After the basic notions, a space can be dedicated to the different money limits that revolve around bets, either with respect to profits, deposits or amounts that can be wagered. First of all, these figures vary depending on each betting house. In the case of earnings, their caps change according to the sport and also according to the different available markets.

Regarding the minimum and maximum at the time of making an income, there are also differences depending on the bookmaker, the chosen method and even the regulations of each country. Credit cards usually require a minimum deposit of 10 euros and a maximum daily deposit of 250,000. For the bank transfer, the minimum can go up a little and the maximum can be reduced. Meanwhile, the money that can be placed on a bet will change according to the event and the market in question. The ‘maximum bet’ is established by the analysts of each company.

Why can you close my account?

As mentioned above, one of the issues that may result in the closure of the betting account is that it passes certain inactive time. So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is essential to pay special attention to the terms and conditions, as well as the regulations of each bookmaker.

On the other hand, the company will have the right to close an account if it considers that its owner did some fraudulent activity with the purpose of taking advantage of a promotion or a bet itself. There are many cases of people who have registered several accounts, some of them with false names, in order to take advantage of the famous welcome bonuses. If the betting house checks this situation, it immediately closes the account.

The usurpation of identity, the use of external means of payment, the false documentation and the verification that money comes from illicit activities are other frequent violations before which the operators act in a strict manner.