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Learn about the event before betting

You have to know what is being wagered and before making a bet on X sport, we have to be sure that this sport “we control” and we do not need help. Many people think that by having good low odds it will be easy to earn money and sometimes in a sport that we do not know how easy it is to have high odds.

It is important to be informed about the event, either through information (tables, previous results, etc …) and reading blogs from some of the best known forecasters.

As for the odds, it is the last thing you look at and if you have decided to bet on team X and at the end you find yourself very high odds (eg 3 or more euros) you should not retreat and enter the low odds, you should continue on your 13.

It is always advisable to make combinations of 3-4 results (No more) that come out of odds 2e or up and bet considerable amounts .. (10-15e) that be betting on simple matches, since in these cases, the benefit / risk is VERY low. For example, Mexico vs Brazil -> Brazil (1.35), if you put 100e to Brazil you get clean 35e and it’s not worth it to risk money like that.

As for the subject of live, I advise not to bet and keep the box quiet. A live event the only thing that generates is anxiety to bet at the moment and be able to draw several euros and almost never happens. It is true that people are seen celebrating in the chats with each goal and etc … but there are thousands of people who live in live and none say anything in the chat.

It is always preferable to earn little and constant that much and nothing from time to time. In this issue of betting, in 90% greed breaks the sack and if you want to earn more, what usually happens, you get left out. So if you have won money, save it and bet on something that is “safe” and not in another event that you put in front of your nose.

A FUNDAMENTAL aspect is the following one: If your bets a sum of money and you lose, this generates anxiety of wanting to recover it and you look for the quickest bet that there is to be able to recover it and the word arises: “shit!” you have returned to palmar money … and the anxiety to recover it is getting bigger, which causes you to bet more and to lose more. Well, the remedy is to have control over what is happening. If you bet and you lose money, save the rest for tomorrow and wait for other safe events, in which I fixed that something would be right. Conclusion: At the time of losing, we must not despair.

Another important factor is the amount to bet. I advise to enter in a bet ALWAYS 10% of your total balance. If you have 10e then put 1 and if you have 9e put 0.90. It does not matter if the 10% is small, since it is small both when winning and at the time of losing it.

It also happens that when you bet, you see that the box hits a roll and with the money you have, you try to increase it so that when you win the previous bet, the amount of the box is even higher. Well, this should not be done because in 90% of cases you end up losing money and if you hit the bet previously, the benefits are scarce .. when they could be high if we had been “stand still”.