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Explanations on the types of sports bets

There are different types of sports bets, but we will take into consideration only the most common of them.


In this case the user selects the bet and chooses the result in anticipation of a future event. Of course it can be done as often as desired, but always individually. Calculating the profit is very simple: it is a question of multiplying the amount of money wagered for the selected odds. For example, if you bet 10 euros per bet with an odds of 2.00, the gross profit is 20 euros and the net is 10 euros.


It concerns the combination of single bets: two or more bets, with a maximum value that varies for each bookmaker. The great advantage of this method is that the odds of each selection are multiplied together and involve a high final stake. At the same time, however, the player must hit all bets to win. In multiple bets, events are chosen in which, a priori, there is a clear favorite, since the risk of losing is higher than in other types of sports bets.


In this case, the user combines a series of events but has an advantage over the multiple bets, analyzed above, since an error does not necessarily lead to losing all the money invested. A simple example to explain this version refers to 2/3 bets. The goal is to choose three events and opt for two bets at each event. The amount of the bet is divided into three bets, so, to get winnings guarantees, you need to get at least two of the three bets.

In this mode, which requires a minimum of three bets, you can usually reach a maximum of eight: obviously the increase in revenues depends on the increasing number of bets that make up the system. Although, of course, the amount of bets you should guess increase.


It is almost impossible to determine which of the three alternatives is the best. They are completely different and it depends a lot on the chosen event. Single bets are more traditional and do not require too much analysis, while the system is considered ideal for those more cautious and speculative bettors.

Finally, the multiple bet appears to be the most attractive option in terms of benefits that can be obtained in the event of success.