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Explanations on the types of football sports bets

In many countries, football is the most active sport in the field of sports betting. The reason is due to its enormous popularity and the great business that involves the whole world. We will then go into a review of the main alternatives regarding the types of bets relating to the world of football.


Also called “1X2” bet with regard to the “final result” is basically to choose one of the three possibilities that can determine the result in a soccer game: 1 victory for the home team, draw or victory of the away team 2. For soccer usually 1 refers to the home team, while 2 away, although this is not always the case, for example it is the opposite in the United States, so it is recommended to study the event carefully. It is clear that the bet is made based on the regular 90 minutes of time.

On the other hand, in the “Exact Result” category, the user must hit exactly the result of the game, which specifies how many goals each team achieves. The final result is taken into account after 90 minutes. The interesting thing is that, to really be a complex bet, the odds are very high. Naturally, the greater the difficulty of the bet the more the chances of earning increase.


As the “exact result” is a complicated bet, but with more attractive odds. A good preliminary analysis of the event is required and essentially you need to choose which player will score the first goal. It is important to know questions such as who is the shooter chosen for the penalty shootout. Furthermore, if the chosen player, for some reason, ends up being a substitute, some bookmakers return the money invested. There is also the “No-goal” option, which refers to “0-0” in the “Exact Result”.


This bet consists of selecting the result at the end of the first half and at the end of the match. In both cases, we must choose which team is leading or the draw, the exact result is not necessary. Usually, unless there is a clear favorite, usually very attractive odds are offered. As in other forms of betting described above, it also takes into account the result at the end of the 90 minutes.


As for the “Double Chance” mode, it is only a matter of choosing two of the three possible alternatives in the bet for the “final result”. Assuming that the teams are Spain and Italy, the three variants are the following: Spain win or draw; draw or win Italy; win Spain or Italy. Logically, if there is a previously designated favorite, the combinations that provide these favorites will always be those that offer lower odds.

There are also the “Draw no bet”, in fact, depending on the operator, you can bet on one of the two teams and get the money back in the event of a tie. It can be an advantageous choice if we consider previously that both teams have very little chance of winning. Naturally this alteration of the bet “1X2” inevitably leads to the decrease of the odds.


Another attractive option for betting around goals is the bet for the number of goals that will be scored in a game. In general, you bet “Over” or “Under” (0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, etc.), although you can choose an exact quantity. Similarly, a bet can be made for the first time or final result.

Which of the two teams will score or if both teams will score, if a team wins in the first or second half, when the match will be scored, if there will be extra time and penalties, and more. These types of bets for football are very extensive and not all bookmakers offer the same possibilities, so it is worth investigating before betting.