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One of the best bookmakers in the market, and one of the best known and frequented, but the most.

It has a great variety to bet. From the best-known leagues on the planet in leading sports such as football and basketball, to those in remote countries and lower divisions. Apart from, obviously, many other sports, some not known.

Regarding the interface of the website, it is not bad. Everything well placed, intuitive 100%. You can make any bet in a couple of clicks. Although the Betting Board is very improvable, because after making any bet is saved, useless in my opinion. Includes the option to make the 5 most popular bets with a single click.

In installments, it weakens. While it outperforms bookmakers like Betfair, Bet365 … Also in the handicaps and over / under loses respect to the bookmakers previously named, being tighter.

His strong point is the Live. Guaranteed fun. Of course, you must have great speed, since the odds change constantly. In any case, it’s almost perfect. Chat included, lots of games, bookmark on the left to go from one event to another … very good.

It also weakens in Customer Service. I think it should have at least one chat and not resolve doubts by email, often imprecise and little clarification of doubts or complaints.

To charge there are no problems. You have your money shortly after finishing the event, and you can charge by bank transfer easily.

In short, Bwin guarantees fun and safety, corroborated by its large number of users. It has weak points, but I hope they resolve in the future. Recommendable.