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8 tips for betting on friendly matches

Pre-season friendly matches can leave us interesting bets, but before playing in these types of matches you have to analyze a series of aspects that can be decisive for your bet.

Every summer we find a tight schedule of friendly matches. All European teams refine in the face of the new season, touring Asia and America or see faces in historical trophies such as Carranza or new as the International Champions Cup. But … is it worth betting on friendly matches?

There are matches that escape the usual logic of betting, hence some voices recommend discarding them. But there is one more opportunity, so we will play following these tips to bet in preseason.

The result is the least

Although everyone likes to win, the score is the last thing coaches watch in this type of match. The preseason serves to take the form and assimilate the tactical concepts that must be developed throughout the season, to attach signings and try young players … So, we have to think twice before betting on the winner of the game or go for a handicap since a preseason game is not the same as one where there is something at stake.

Differences between categories and teams are reduced

Logic says that a team of 1st division will beat a semi-amateur of 2nd or Third, but in this type of games, the difference in category can play against you. The lower team may be more motivated to face a 1st, even if plagued by substitutes, than their opponent, accustomed to playing against higher level rivals. The same happens between teams of different leagues, an Asian team can beat a European top, which will also have made a long trip.

How long have you been training the teams?

Without a doubt, it is the key factor when betting on friendly matches. Not all teams start training at the same time, and we can meet teams that play their first friendly when others are still on vacation. The shooting itself, that of the rival and if they have all the players or internationals continue on vacation because they went with the selection in June can be decisive in the outcome of the game. The difference is even greater when European teams play against Asians or Americans, in the middle of the season.

European competition and supercups

A team with an official match at the end of July or August will be one point ahead, but it is something we must control. As the first official match approaches, the coach will go out with the starting team, it will be the final test, to get to that top. But you have to control efforts, and in a friendly between European qualifiers, a team B or C will come out, with the substitutes and youth players, to avoid setbacks for what really matters. Beware of these matches.

Where is the match?

The stadium where you play is very important for several reasons. Beyond the grass – we assume that it will be an artificial turf stadium – the first game of an Asian or American tour is usually marked by the jet lag, which adds to the physical load of the preseason. The trip is a factor to take into account, but you also have to value the presentation matches, where the local team will try to start off on a good footing before their fans.

A good match analysis

All these aspects are key when making the analysis of the match … and the bet, which go hand in hand. The preseason calendar, the profile of the game, issues such as the number of changes available, the time and place where you play … Unlike a game during the season, where trends and statistics help us, in the friendlies there are many more aspects to consider. Nor can we ignore the call. Do the stars play or the substitutes and youth players?

Hunting for the underdog

Pre-season friendly matches are an ideal setting for surprises, so you can take the opportunity to find an underdog and get the satisfaction that has given you the surprise. As we have said, they are matches where unexpected results happen, which at another time of the season would be impossible, and if you analyze the game well you can put forward a good bet. Tipster tips can also be helpful.

Play with the minimum stake

As attractive as the odds may seem to you, or however convinced you are that you have hit the summer underdog, in pre-season you should play with the lowest stake. They are matches in which anything is possible, from a win of the favorite to a dull draw to 0 or a fast-paced match, with alternations on the scoreboard. Therefore, we will control the stake even in live betting: you never know when the scenario can change.