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What are the golden rules of sports betting?

We can summarize the golden rules of sports betting in 10 basic principles

1) Be always well informed. The information is key to make a good forecast. Knowing the last details of a certain team helps a lot when it comes to making forecasts.

2) Do not limit yourself to a single bookmaker. The fact that we like a certain bookmaker can not deprive us of exploring others in search of bonuses and exclusive offers. It is good that we remain faithful to a house, but we must have a couple more in our fan.

3) Logic is usually more reliable than instinct. In sport in the long run it is short. Although the hunches are important, they should not condition our way of betting. The logic has to be our guide

4) Diversify is synonymous with reducing risks. If we focus on several events more possibilities we will have to win.

5) Place a limit of money that you can invest. It is essential to know how much money we are willing to spend.

6) If you think about betting … do it. There are no times for laments ..

7) Share your hunches with friends. If we have a great hunch we can perfectly share with our friends. Total, it is not against them that we bet, but in front of the betting houses.

8) Betting on the favorite most of the time is the best bet.

9) If your earnings are plentiful … remove them. Do not wait to lose everything. The bets generate streak. On a positive streak it is essential to know when to withdraw the money.

10) Never forget that betting is an entertainment.