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The dangers of live betting

In this article I am going to try to tell you some of the problems that I have found in Live betting.

Lately I’m experimenting a lot with this type of bets and, while they can be very profitable, in many cases are responsible for our balance in the bookmaker drop considerably.

There are certain rules that I apply lately in my live bets and that, for now, they are reporting quite acceptable benefits, perhaps after having lost other quite respectable benefits before.

The Live mode has a lot of charm, especially since over time you can detect situations in which to bet with a high percentage of success, that before starting the event can not be foreseen, as in the field it is raining in seas (what we would suggest a low number of goals in a soccer game) or that a certain tennis player has a bad day and the other is playing his best tennis.

However, in this article we will comment on certain points that I consider key to profitable bets in this type of modality.

For example, a maxim that I have been applying is: If I have been successful in a good bet, it is better to retire. If I have lost a curious amount, it is also convenient to retire. Let’s say that, on the one hand, avarice breaks the sack, and on the other, we can go for wool and leave scalded.

If we have guessed a good bet, we will think that we are invincible, and we will say “well, as I have already won X, I am going to reinvest it to multiply it and make a great day”. Normally, this means that we cheer up until the benefits of the day disappear, along with an extra amount of our bankroll.

On the other hand, if we have failed a bet in which we had bet a respectable amount and we have lost it, we will think that we can recover with another big bet, coming the disaster.

What I want to say is that in certain situations, with warm blood, it is better to know how to stop and be happy with the result.

Another of the golden rules is: “Never bet on sports that you do not have much information.” I speak from my own experience, and playing capital in sports such as cricket, bowling or curling are a nice way to waste our money. Not only with rare sports. We must be honest and recognize that beach soccer, handball or badminton are not very set, and if we bet something is very likely to reaffirm our ignorance.

On the other hand, we should not get carried away by the euphoria in a match. For example, in a football match in which 2 goals are scored in the first quarter of an hour we are not guaranteed to score 12 goals in it. We must keep a cool head and analyze the situation. Have the goals scored the same team? It is not the same 2-0 than a 1-1 than a 0-2. Is there something at stake in the game? It is not the same to fight for something that the inconsequential end-of-season matches, or defend a 0-2 result away from home tooth and nail because we play a lot. Mathematics does not work, and with practice we will gain in intuition with respect to this type of situations.

Finally, analyze when we are facing interesting odds. As sure as we think it is a result, to risk a high amount of our profits to odds, for example, of 1.05, I do not consider it a good idea. A probable turn of circumstances can leave us with the ass in the air, and cursing the moment in which we saw so clear a result that it was not so much.

Anyway, I hope that you have served and that you provide your golden rules also for Live events, and thus we can enrich ourselves (in the spiritual sense of the word, of course …)