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Bwin – Rating of the bookmaker

Personal assessment of the Bwin bookmaker

Bwin is in my opinion the best bookmaker that there is right now on the Internet, especially it is recommended for people who start betting.

Bwin’s web design is very attractive and intuitive and invites the client to navigate through the page and experiment, even without money, to elaborate their own betting slip creating the expectation that it is possible to win, with what is decided to enter and play with real money.

Where undoubtedly Bwin earns even more integers is in its live event console. During practically all the hours of the day we can find ourselves in sporting event in which to be able to bet. In some events we have the possibility to even enjoy a video where we can follow it live, with what we can have more reliability in what we bet. To this we have to add the online chat with which we can converse with other users, exchange opinions, etc.

It has a good customer loyalty program, offering bonuses frequently either through sms, web promotions, or direct marketing. This loyalty program has now been extended by b’inside, with which you earn points for the bets placed that you can then exchange for gifts.

The sports betting offer of Bwin is very extensive, covering practically all of the best known and followed sports.

In the section of football betting has its strong point, offering all the most important leagues of the European continent, American, African and of course Asian. We can find not only the first divisions but also the lower categories, reaching the third Spanish division for example. This means having a huge amount of possibilities in which to obtain an economic return through your bets.

As for Bwin odds, they are usually a little lower than in the rest of bookmakers, but nevertheless, in live events we can sometimes get odds that exceed those of other bookmakers that also offer that event live.

That the odds are a little lower can also be solved by the large number of variations of bets of all kinds that we can find in a single event.

In the matter of the collections of the winning bets they are usually very fast, normally in a few minutes we have back the gains that we have obtained by and so we can continue making other bets.

As for the withdrawals are also very serious people and usually pay in several days without causing any kind of problem.

In short, I would recommend anyone who wants to start in the world of sports betting online to do it in this bookmaker, because it offers the user security, reliability and above all fun.