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Patience to find good bets

The art of NOT betting.

It is well known – and if I do not already tell you – that one of the most frequent causes of loss of money in bookmakers is the excess thereof.

If I’m a bit more finger in the sore, I confess that this excess of bets that many players suffer is given by the little self-control to which the players are subjected and can be produced by two reasons that form a great antithesis each:

Either by positive gusts in which every time you bet more money, or in negative periods in which recovering bankroll to forced marches becomes the primary objective, in most cases leading to ruin from either of the two points extremes, euphoria and depression.

In the first case, a state of increasing euphoria causes us to increase more and more the stake of our forecasts thinking that it is easy to guess and applying the overwhelming logic that the higher the risky amount, the greater the benefit to be collected. There always comes a time of bad spells, and psychologists say that our subconscious mind applies much the popular saying “who sows winds gathers storms”, that applied to the bets I mean that if you have suffered excessive euphoria, you will need it when you begin to lose and you are going to create an anxiety to win that you did not have before. Result, bet without control until ruined.

In the second case the thing is clearer, you start betting with the illusion of winning, and while you imagine what your new car will be like -which you will buy with the benefits of the picks, of course- you realize that your bankroll has decreased considerably . Now the objectives change, you have to start from scratch again. But of course, how can I start from scratch if I’m in negative numbers? That has an easy answer, I have to earn as much as I lost, but also be fast. This approach is not bad at all and we put it into practice … but, we are going to ruin. What happened? … that we have tried to recover too quickly with bad bets of negative expectation and that leads to total disaster.

For those of you who have come here, I suppose you will conclude that the patience to find good bets is key when it comes to collecting benefits.