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Live betting on bwin – live handicap with bwin tv


First of all we should start by explaining what a live bet consists of. A live bet is that bet that the user makes during the course of the sporting event, that is, interacting instantly with the event being able to know how it is developing and, therefore, being able to act accordingly.

This is the most addictive type of bets there is and, in the same way that it can make a lot of money, it is a deadly trap in which you can fall and make us lose all or a good part of our balance. The purpose of this writing is to alert the new users of what not to do in a live bet and give some small tips on how to bet.

When a user wants to bet on a live event in bwin, he can find himself in two situations: either he is following the event or he can only trust the result he is seeing in the Bwin live menu. Needless to say, I highly recommend the first option for any event, so do your best to know what state the event is in, either by putting the television, radio, watching it over the Internet (Bwin TV), etc.

But even if that is impossible, for whatever reason, Bwin offers a series of very useful tools (and in my opinion necessary in many cases) to make this monitoring easier, these are:

Bwin TV: innovative system offered by Bwin Live through which the game in question is broadcast on the same page of the event and you can follow it as if you were on the sofa in your house watching TV. Unfortunately not all events have Bwin TV, but if you enter a match of the Portuguese or German leagues (including the 2nd division) you will find the pleasant surprise of being able to follow the game. The viewing speed depends on your connection but with a 1 MB and without having p2p programs on, you should work correctly.

Bwin radio: works exactly like the Bwin TV but in this case we only have the game’s audio. The number of events that we can follow on the radio will be greater than that of TV but even so it is a small number of them.

Bwin Chat: all sports events, whatever, have a chat that will allow you to interact with other users, give advice, information, talk about odds, etc. This medium is undoubtedly the most used by users and a priori should be very helpful, but as everywhere always appear people determined to cheat, simulate goals or recommend bad odds. Even so it is a help tool if it is used correctly and it certainly serves to have a fun time with other people.

Once introduced the world of live we will try to give some advice or recommendations in order to facilitate or at least help to decide those undecided:

Do not bet on unknown events or sports: this is the first advice they will give you anywhere and that I gave you before, but here if it is more important. Gambling blindly in a live event is almost certain loss, even if you see it very easy you never trust, you have all of losing.

Do not bet at low odds: odds lower than 1.10 have a huge risk in the case of live betting. It always seems that it is going to face and it seems impossible that the opposite occurs but often happens. Imagine that you bet a euro and you fail. In order to recover it, you should hit 10 events of this value in order to recover a single previous error. A madness, and it is also likely that along the way instead of recovering that euro you have lost another one and so on. Obviously there are exceptions, but as a rule it is very unwise.

Look for difficult situations for favorites: it can happen, and in fact happens often, that an event with a clear favorite begins dominated by the team destined to lose. At that moment when the share of the favorite possibly reaches its highest point is where you have to bet. Obviously there is a risk that they do not go back, but there are real possibilities and the profits are juicy.

Search for sets and breaks in tennis: in the same way as in soccer, in tennis similar situations can happen. The clear favorite may have lost his serve and go behind on the scoreboard. If you see that you can clearly trace the set that is the time to bet because your odds will reach its maximum levels. Even losing the first set if you see it clearly do not doubt it, it’s your chance to win good euros.

Overs in football: many games come 0-0 at halftime or with few goals without being bad teams or being a match with scoring chances. This is another good time to bet that there will be goals (in the case of a 0-0) or the over offered by the live (in the case of a game already with goals).

Race in tennis: the race consists in betting on the player that you think will first get 10 points in the game. These odds are usually always fairly matched so my advice is that you usually bet (not always) on the player who takes first. This is because in a very high percentage of times the race occurs in the 3rd game and therefore the services will be split 2/1 for the one that took first. If both maintain their serve, the one with two games with serve will win the race.

Race in the NBA: in the same way as in tennis, is to guess which team will get to reach 20 points in a quarter earlier. Here few tips can be given. Betting on the team you see favorite, especially if you see that it goes behind on the scoreboard by a narrow margin, or vice versa, bet on the least favorite if the match is matched and you think it can give the bell.

Never bet on football in the last minutes to an under: this advice is vital, I can say that is where more money I have lost but at this point I have already chastened. It is very tempting to see a 1.25 odds ratio four or five minutes from the end of the match and think that you are already finished betting because there will be no more goals. I can tell you that this is the biggest mistake that can be made in the live in 75% of the time. Precisely in the last 15 minutes is where statistically more goals are scored and there are leagues that seem to be waiting for the 80th minute to arrive to drive the games crazy. It is a very little recommended option and that you should avoid.

Bwin handicap in basketball games: from time to time we find parties completely sentenced in the 3rd quarter with a team winning 20 or more to the opponent. This is a good time to put a handicap. Bwin will always offer you a number of points to add to the loser to balance the game and decide if adding those points the losing team would win. Generally the winning team tends to relax in the last quarter of this type of games so it is advisable to give the winner as one who loses with one of these handicaps. Do the calculation and if the difference that must be overcome is not abysmal to make the bet. With a difference of less than 8 points (adding the handicap) is a good option, more is already difficult because it depends on the degree of relaxation of the opponent.

Pit stops in Formula 1: if you have knowledge of F1 and you know what the strategies are in the drivers’ pits, bet on what seems clear that you will win but at that time is not leading because your opponent has not yet stopped and he already. Also look at the trend of the pilots along the laps to see the possibilities.