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Is it legal to bet online?

The legality of online bets depends on the country in which they are made. There are countries that also issue licenses for the establishment of Virtual Casinos that control and govern under their laws.

In this regard, countries focus mostly on controlling bookmakers and online casinos and not so much on gamblers, which, being citizens of different parts of the world, would be much more difficult to control.
To counteract existing laws in several countries it is common to find that many of the entities (bookmakers and virtual casinos) have their operations center in Caribbean or similar countries in order to avoid similar problems. Other countries, camouflage the bets. They do not give licenses for gambling but if the bookmaker operates in the region (European Union for example) it can operate if there are norms that allow it.

All this generates some legal gaps that become apparent more than anything at the time of making claims for any setback. Then, bets are subject to the issue of the age of the bettor, something similar to what happens in any physical casino. As is public knowledge is necessary to be of legal age to bet and not even talk to collect. Many try to control this with the use of credit card however, it has been proven that many children often use their parents’ credit cards (with or without their consent) to place bets.