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How do you get free bonuses on bets?

Free bonuses are given either when we register with a certain bookmaker or when we make a new deposit to our account.

When creating an account in a certain bookmaker, it will try to build loyalty by offering you money so that you can try some of its games. Obviously, it will ask us to make a deposit beforehand.
Usually the amounts received range from 10 to 50 euros and the rookie usually performs the following reasoning “It is not money that I had planned to spend, so I have more to lose,” gross error.

Respect the bonus money as your own, not because you have given us a bonus we should throw it overboard or spend it on meaningless bets. We have to make him pay and take care of him as if he had come out of our own pocket.
Remember that the welcome betting bonus is perhaps the only one you have. It is necessary to use it in a petty way, to go exploring the different events in which we can bet and to make our bets to go catching practice.

Another thing we can do is be aware of the promotions offered by the different bookmakers. Many of them what they do is give an additional bonus if a certain amount of money is deposited.
If it is in our plans to make the deposit, it is worth taking the opportunity and getting an extra.