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The website INTERFACE
You can pretty quickly find the sections you want on the site at Expekt. It has very well-organized main menu and functional. Have available the option “all coupons” included in all special bets. Colors are very nice and not be weary eyes after a long period of time. It even clump design that I have done, I hope you enjoy as much to you. Although they have very good design and the pages seem to load pretty fast to load sometimes difficult, sometimes even more than the server is down, and recover harder, or when I update the site just takes a little more than other agencies betting sites, however this should not be discouraged, although it excels in this area has other more important advantages.

Opening an account at Expekt
Very easy to open an account with Expekt, you need details of ordinary and not last more than 3 minutes to fill out forms. It requires confirmation email. You can choose your own username and password feature that seems to be found in almost all major betting agencies. After registering, you can deposit money into account and play immediately. Everything will deurge quickly and smoothly.

Deposits & Withdrawals at Expekt
Some extra points Expekt agency in terms of transactions. You can make money by all methods known to other agencies cards, bank transfer, Western Union, Moneybookers etc.. Reduced the minimum deposit of 35 euros to 10 euros, given that most agencies have the minimum of 10 euros. Depositor the cards will be charged 2.5% which is pretty much for an agency such as Expekt. If we talk of withdrawal could not we want more than we offer. They pulled up and 10 euro fee to apply to each free withdrawals now can withdraw whenever you need. Some agencies offer only first withdrawal per month free for the rest of each transaction applying a small fee, but not at Expekt. They dropped the charge after AMI many customers complained of high fees they have to retreat, and so once again proved how much they matter to customers. If you withdraw by bank transfer you will be pleasantly surprised by the short time required for a transfer.

Expekt is the definition of the variety of bets on certain events. They even league matches of 3 in Norway or Greece’s volleyball, winter sports or even politics. Is this paradise offers betting agency. Besides mere offer have other types of betting, I said a lot of us. If you go to her site you will convince themselves of their rich offer.

Odds offered by Expekt
Have very high rates, perhaps the greatest except for agents as large. They have a loyalty program which guarantees access to higher rates for certain matches. Sometimes change rates but not significantly so do not worry. It seems that in addition they offer very rich and shares as well, we want to see more of these sports betting market.

HOW TO Expekt Betting
Very good way to put a bet on them. You will see the ticket on the right after you have selected what you want is place bets, you can always remove events from ticket that you no longer want, you even can save the ticket in the state E. It is an agency that will selections provide “standard” as something to be appreciated that many other agencies will not allow it. The rating is only decimal, but I do not think this presents an obstacle too high since most are familiar with this system. How to put a ticket Expekt is one of the easiest things you need to do to put a bet and that’s all that matters first. We advise you to put the tickets at least 5 minutes before the event because sometimes you will not have access to the server a few minutes good for that event.

Like most of their customer relationships Scandinavian agencies are very good. If you send mail in about 20 minutes you will receive error codes, unbelievable, yet true, we all respect for those from Expekt. In most agencies will respond within hours sometimes until the next day. Provides support for multiple languages. They’re professionals, will solve the problems as you blink very fast and friendly. It gets a 11 but have a small problem you can not contact them by phone, but still a great disadvantage for some nesimnifacativ.

At this agency will not even have to worry about money or security account. They have won numerous awards at several competitions and have sponsored some events in Scandinavia. It is an agency that has earned the respect of bettors and want to keep it still so great efforts to remain so. Not go into detail to tell how the whole system works because the technique does not pointless to agencies with high credibility and is Expekt.

Unibet is an agency “quality” if we say so, and we mean in terms of credibility and its presentation. Although not offer telephone support, you should do it, their customer relations are very good about keeping email and it might be present and live chat. Have shown that they care about those who play them and we are convinced that the future will take steps to solve their little imperfections. Definitely worth a look on their site.

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  • vincent
    23:35 on July 19th, 2011

    Expekt betting agency very solid, fast pay, offer rich, great odds!