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Bwin – advantages & disadvantages


Undoubtedly Bwin is currently one of the best betting sites on the net. Includes Casinos, Poker and Sports Betting. In addition to having a huge number of possible bets, you have an enviable LIVE and a very good customer service. Kindness, speed and above all they are very, very legal. It is very noticeable that it is a great bookmaker that already sponsors even teams of different sports.

It could be summarized why I recommend this bookmaker in a series of advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are:

– You have a lot of possible bets

– The Bwin Live is definitely the best you can find. With chat and with video in some events.

– It has very good odds

– The customer service is quite good. They treat you as quickly as possible, with kindness and always giving you the reason in case of doubts or confusions.

– They are very legal. They take seriously complicated bets to solve, such as the total number of corners or the exact minutes of the goals, which many other bookmakers put to their liking for their benefit.

– Many options and especially ease when entering or withdrawing your money. Simply the basics to identify you, do not get into trouble to collect your money. You can enter by bank transfer, online transfer (epagado), with a card like VISA, Mastercard …. or even with methods as easy as Ukash.

– It has some friendly, welcome and other very good bonuses and every few days they get freebets that are very much appreciated. Especially since the messages only cost 0.15 + VAT, which is a great success on their part.

– And the best reason of all, is because it is a bookmaker where you bet insurance and therefore you have a good time.

The disadvantages that I have found in my Bwin experience are very few:

– In the live events sometimes very strange things happen. They raise many hit points, change odds in a very rare way. etc.

– Another thing about the live, and not only of these, to keep in mind is that sometimes you have to search well what teams or which players face and in what positions they are in their respective leagues or rankings.

Well, nothing more to add to the article. Simply tell people that Bwin is a great home for both experts and beginners and that you will undoubtedly live a great experience playing here.