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Bookie to start

At the moment we are overwhelmed by the publicity that the bookmaker offer us in newspapers, magazines, Internet and even in the television. They have such great benefits that they can even pay one of the most expensive advertising options, the Real Madrid jersey.

How could it be otherwise, seek customers. But customers will wonder which bookmaker to put the money in, if one or the other.

For starters we can not take into account that we have to have the money distributed, so we will have to decide for one in particular. If we want to avoid the exchange because they are potentially more complex for newbies, we will decide on a normal bookie.

The reputation of a bookmaker is very important, because putting money in a place that is not trustworthy can cause unnecessary dislikes.
Having several different ways to put and withdraw money will give us facilities and allow us to make transactions in the way that is easiest and / or most economical. Nowadays, “important” bookmakers have practically all common ways of dealing with bank accounts, cards and so on.

Depending on the sport in which we consider ourselves more or less understood we can also choose one bookie or another, although if sports are the most common such as football or tennis, practically all will be valid. If it is a more specific sport we should consult specialized pages.

The margins established by the bookmakers for the picks tend to be similar, although there may be differences. The websites of comparison of odds help a lot in these cases.

The bonuses that bookmakers give away are also a very important factor. Of course, you have to carefully read how you can “whiten” the bonus, since it is not money they give away just because, but money they give away to bet and if you do not meet certain requirements with him, you can not withdraw. Not always the quantity is the most important, sometimes you also have to take into account the quality of the gift.

Finally, now there are also bookmakers that buy matches of some sport (usually soccer) to broadcast them live through their website for free, it is an option to take into account since the matches are sometimes from important soccer leagues.