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Bettson is an online sports bookmaker, is one of the largest online gaming platform. Besides live betting you can find them and poker games, casino, bingo, scratch or exchange.

In terms of online gaming, Betsson is a part of this industry because it offers its customers services are first class.

Each section of the site is well determined and benefit from the support in any issue in a very short time.

For Roman players who open new account at Betsson has a super promotion: reimbursement of the first 3 bets.

Eg 3 Combos-stakes bet of 10 euros each. If you win only one of them and lose them when a doula to receive within 24 hours 20 euro bet is two bets lost. This is done automatically without having to contact support to receive money back. In other words – you have 3 free bets – without risk (if you lose you get the bet back). The maximum amount that can be returned is 25 EUR / GBP

For games of poker, Betsson Poker offers a bonus that is a consistent and welcome bonus of 100% up to $ 1,600.

There are other exciting bonuses and promotions that you can find on the site Betsson Poker.