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What is Bwin?

Information about Bwin

Bwin is the most popular and recognized online sports bookmaker today. Founded in 1997 and of Austrian origin, it managed to insert itself with enormous authority in the market through a really brilliant marketing, effective where it is analyzed. Thousands of daily bets and millions of users are part of the daily life of this company, which since 2000 has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange. In that sense, its financial stability is guaranteed thanks to the remarkable success of its services, as wide as they are versatile.

The site of Bwin allows the possibility of placing bets in a very easy and fast way, in events related to the most publicly publicized sports such as football, tennis, motorsport (Formula 1, fundamentally) and basketball, among others. In the same way, it also offers the chance to bet on rugby, golf, motorcycling, boxing, volleyball and handball. In a third order of importance are the competitions of American football, horse racing, cycling, table tennis, beach volleyball, cricket, darts and ice hockey, just to name a few.

For bettors who are not so adept at sports, Bwin proposes other highly entertaining segments. One of them is poker, classic European card game that in recent times took an enormous importance in the virtual world. In addition, it is possible to enjoy different casino games such as blackjack and a section called “Games” in which the lottery, dice and table games, slots and arcade appear.

The excellent reputation of Bwin in the present responds to questions such as the general security that the site has; the solid and warm customer service; the diversity of options when entering money into the account, as well as to withdraw the profits; the complete and dynamic betting space in real time (one of the most competitive in the market); and the attractive offers that comprise the welcome bonuses for new users.

With totally reasonable odds, which never get too far from the common that the competition offers, Bwin consolidates globally over the years. His repeated presence, basically in the soccer environment (a clear example is the Real Madrid shirt), has been a determining factor for his propaganda worldwide.