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Ways of betting

Simple bets are the set of bets whose probability of success is higher. Combining successive simple bets, we find the combined bets whose chances of success are reduced to half that predictions are added to them.

Following the strategy of “slow but sure” without forgetting that in the bets there is nothing sure whatever the odds, we will choose in this sense for the simple bets and double bets, leaving aside the bets of 3 or more predictions.

We recommend in this sense to bet a fixed amount on single bets and half of what we bet on single, on double bets. In single bets we will avoid betting on events with odds of less than 1.50 while in double bets we will combine two odds predictions between 1.50 and 2 €. We consider that the predictions of odds superior to 2 € are worth placing them as simple, because avoiding greed and having patience you can go far in the world of betting.

We will not go into depth on the issue of betting systems 2 / 3,3 / 4, patent, trixies, yankees … but we always recommend in this case that all forecasts are higher than 1.80, because that way it is quite likely have low losses or even low profits.

For example in a 2/3 system (3 double bets), we have 3 predictions called A, B, C at odds 1.80 each. The following combinations would be formed

A X B = Possible profit = 3.6
B X C = Possible profit = 3.6
A X C = Possible profit = 3.6

If we bet 3 euros in total (1 for each) and fail a bet, we would have at least a gain of 60 cents, instead if we had bet on three odds predictions that are around 1.20, to fail 1 we would have losses.

As for live betting, we recommend it when you can witness the event you want to bet on live and you know with certainty what you bet. Never bet randomly or by hearing. In this type of bets, we recommend betting on the FAVORITE when losing before the middle of the game, which is when the odds tend to be higher in their favor. For lives we recommend the betting house Bwin, especially in football and tennis. In football we recommend the DOUBLE OPPORTUNITY live bet and make it in favor of the favorite team when it is losing, while in Basketball we recommend the handicaps in favor of the favorite teams when they lose, which usually reach odds of 1.85.