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Registration at the bookmaker

The procedure to start betting is really very simple; It is likely that much more can be taken when you are out of the sports betting world. The first is to choose the bookmaker, an action that must be studied and analyzed at its best. In no way should this part of the process be underestimated because a wrong choice will inevitably coincide with a problem in the future.

It must be clear that the chosen bookmaker must be able to meet the various needs of different types. Noteworthy factors to avoid mistakes include: reliability, security, range of bets, customer services, billing and deposit options, live bets and bonuses. As it is necessary to provide personal data, credit card numbers and banking information, for example, it highlights the importance of dealing with a solid financially and stable home, able to provide all the guarantees to users.


Once the operator is chosen, it is time to complete the registration, something really simple that is usually done fairly quickly. To begin with, logically we have to indicate name, surname, nationality, address and post code, city and state, date of birth, telephone numbers and email address. For security reasons, it is common that a copy of the passport or other identity document is also required.

Finally, we must choose a username, to which the respective passwords and secret questions (with answers) are addressed, to be used in case you forget your password or to transfer money, plus the monetary unit to be used for betting . It will also be necessary to label the famous “I have read and accept the terms and conditions”. In this sense, the advice is to read it from beginning to end.

Start betting

Once inside our account, what follows is to take advantage of the possible bonus and make the first deposit through one of the possible alternatives (credit card, bank transfer or other). Depending on the medium chosen, the money will be available immediately or will be credited later. First it happens, and the sooner we are ready to play the first chip and start off in the exciting sports betting pastime. Let me be clear: it is fun for adults only.

In case of doubt, the bookmakers have services for the care of the customer, even with detailed sections of frequently asked questions and general provisions, through which usually many problems can be solved and the inconveniences that can arise at the start of this adventure.

Pay attention

Playing novice in gambling can generate moments of euphoria and excitement, the consequences are sometimes not the best for our account. This is why it is categorically recommended to be cautious to learn and gain experience. We must not lose sight of the fact that, with the necessary exceptions, the profits in sports bets are obtained in the long term, so that the self-control and the good strategies sustained over time will form one of the main keys in the search for good results.