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Live bets

What are they?:
These are bets (usually simple) that are made on the fly in an event, that is, the common thing is to bet on an event before it starts. It’s normal, right? But there are betting houses (which we will deepen later) that offer you the possibility to bet while that event occurs.

What sportsbooks offer this type of live events?
Well, as always, you have identified “live bet” with “prestigious house” and in part it is true. Live bets are offered by almost all betting houses that have been operating for some time, but only the longest and most famous have an excellent live, in the case of Bwin. This betting house, in addition to having many live events a day (because houses like bet-at-home only offer you some very important games and they are not every day) also have really exciting resources like the “video”.

What is the video?
Video is an option offered by Bwin to follow live any event they program. Bwin has the rights, attention, of: the Portuguese, German, Italian league (some matches), Austrian, Danish, Ukrainian, and, in addition, it offers matches of UEFA or national selections. Tennis is also frequent to find in video and sports that you can only bet seeing how it goes, like billiards or volleyball, you can also follow them through the Bwin Live. Interesting, right?

Characteristics of Live bets:
In this case I will explain only those of Bwin because they are the most experienced, long-lived and polyvalent. At Bwin, bets are divided into three colors:

Green: These bets can be combined with the ones you want from that live event or others. This serves to bet, for example, on the victory of Getafe and that of Tau Vitoria (being of different sports). In this color, bets are grouped as: Who will win ?, Who will make the first fault ?, How many minutes will be added in this part? or, even, who will make the first throw-in?
Blue: Only combinable with other bets from other live events. Here, above all, the bets related to the goals are grouped: “Who will score the first goal (or second, etc)?”, “How many goals will be scored?”
Red: Only single bets, that is, not combinable or any other live bet of any event. Here more … strange bets are grouped as: “who will cause the first penalty?”, Or “will the first penalty (or second, etc) be scored?”

I am also going to discuss some limitations, and reason why some can be combined, others not, etc. Suppose you predict that in a game there will be more than one goal, but you also predict that there will be a penalty and you want to combine it. Well, you can not. That because? Well, because the results (if the conditions that you predict are given) are related and, attentive, the bookmakers never lose. If you want to guess two forecasts and combine them, you have to “work it out”, they can never be related. It does not start to sound so good anymore …

Personal criticism: Always from a recreational view, without profit, and without wanting to live on this; Live bet is a very good option to have a good time, chat with other bettors, and why not, vibrate, jump, laugh, cry … without leaving home. Another thing is to do it with caution, because a world in which you have fifty interactive bets and live attracts anyone and that is not good. Just use the Live bet for fun and, why not, to ensure profits or minimize losses.