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How to Bet on Bet365 – Bet365 Football Betting

Betting on a football match is always exciting, and more, if we know all the options available to bookmakers, such as Bet365.

Most users always opt for bets to the “winner of the game”, because it is the simplest to understand and follow, but to be a true professional betting, it is necessary to know other markets that can be very attractive , Economically speaking.

Next, we are going to show you 8 types of markets with attractive odds to which I usually bet with Bet365 in a football game.

Bet that the both teams to score (or not)

This is one of the most frequent bets and that more joys can provide us. In many occasions, two teams face great defensive power, or, with an enormous talent in attack. Depending on the case in question, we can bet that the match is a draw without goals, or that the two teams score, obtaining in each case higher than the basic odds.

Bet the Exact Marker at the end of the match

This is another way to win and its best feature is that it has very high odds. Hitting the scoreboard is always difficult, but sometimes it can be interesting to make a small bet on the correct score, such as 0-0, 1-0 or 0-1. Any of these predictions would be paid with odds higher than € 6 per euro wagered.

Bet on over/under 2.5 goals in the match

The share of goals is usually set in More / Less than 2.5 goals, whose quotes are usually always above 2 €. In this case, we would bet that in the game there are 3 goals or more, or 2 goals or less at the end of it.

Bet with Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap will be very useful in those games that before the start, we consider them very equal. This bet is to provide a “goal advantage” to one of the rivals and thus it is easier for him to win.

Betting on the Moment of the Goal

This bet is to bet, for example, that a goal will be produced (or not) before the minute indicated in the bookmaker. Example: there will be a goal before minute 32.

Betting on Double Chance

This bet is represented by 1X or 2X, for example, and is very similar to the double of the Predictor, that is, in this case we would bet on the victory and the draw of one of the two teams.

Bet on Own Goal

This bet provides a high return, since it offers odds of up to € 10 per euro wagered, although it is unlikely to happen. As the name suggests, we would bet that one of the teams scores an own goal.

Bet on the number of goals (odd or even)

For those who like the correct Marker market, they can bet that the number of goals of a match is even or odd.

Finally, we must also remember that we can bet on the number of corners of a match, when they will take place, the number of yellow cards, red cards, if there will be penalties, etc …