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How do you recognize a good bookmaker?

A “good bookmaker”

How do you recognize a good bookmaker? This is obviously the question that all those who want to bet ask themselves, but who, of course, do not want to expose themselves to the risk of having to deal with a less serious operator.

There are of course basic rules that every serious trader should follow. First of all the most important points should be obvious: think of the fact, for example, that the customer’s money must be kept safe, but that, at the same time, they must also be available at all times if the customer wants to make a withdrawal. Another point of fundamental importance for bookmakers, as for all other companies, is privacy. All personal data must be treated with security and cannot be accessible to anyone, except, of course, to employees. The sites should therefore be encrypted and https: // should appear in the browser address bar: this guarantees a secure transfer. Furthermore, a bookmaker should have an effective defense against hackers, a defense that is obviously not visible to users, but when dealing with important operators, who in themselves are self-protecting, yes can be sure that such a system exists.

Payments must be made within a very short time and the money must reach the customer as quickly as possible: a long processing time shows that, most likely, it is not a financially solid and reliable bookmaker. Payments via e-wallets, Moneybookers and Neteller, for example, should not take more than a few hours.

The graphical interface of the site and the offer of bets also play an important role. Generally speaking, no operator who is not serious or poor takes care of creating a very elaborate site, of offering a vast number of sports bets for an infinite number of sports and of providing it with many extra bets.

We should not, however, be deceived by substantial welcome bonuses or by high or too high odds: all this can often lead to a deposit being made, also investing large sums of money to better benefit from these bonuses. In the event that we run into a less serious operator, the amount invested would obviously be lost. Since these bookmakers have their offices practically always in distant countries, it is difficult to take them to court and, in general, take legal action. Care must be taken especially when particularly high welcome bonuses are offered.

In addition to creating their own opinion and evaluating bookmakers on their own, everyone has the opportunity to get information on the various operators through many channels. In the first place we find obviously the betting forums and the communities. Here the other users offer information on personal experiences regarding almost all the bookmakers on the market, in addition to many examples of cases occurred and even information on test payments: in other words, users disseminate precise information on payment time by of a bookmaker through the various payment methods and this can help in assessing the financial strength of an operator.

Furthermore, information can often be found very quickly on any problems with a particular bookmaker, or with customer support services in general, or on particular promotions offered by an operator. Also in this case the medal always has two faces: naturally it is possible to find contributions in which a bookmaker, generally considered good, or even very good, is considered poor, and this because the writing user had a negative experience and yes he wants, so to speak, “to revenge” on that particular operator. For this reason it would be better to get a 360 ° view on the opinions towards the various operators: only in this way can a good bookmaker really be evaluated.

So there are plenty of opportunities to find out about a bookmaker and it would also be appropriate to take advantage of it as much as possible.