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Bookmaker terms and conditions / rules

For obvious reasons, bookmakers have their own rules, consisting of a series of terms and conditions, so a reading is important before completing the registration process. As a first step, operators make it clear that the customer is always responsible for every bet and also that he is performing the desired game. Furthermore, the right of admission is reserved in some cases. For example, if it is found that the user performs dishonest actions in order to win. For all kinds of requests, these companies often provide good customer service throughout the day.

Something interesting that usually creates a doubt for beginners has to do with what happens with extensions and sanctions, for example in football. The truth is that bookmakers only consider the competition to determine whether a bet is a winner or not, unless otherwise specified.

On the other hand, it is also known that the accounts are not transferable and that the loss of the password or other data will not be sufficient reason to cancel a bet. Furthermore, the customer must communicate any changes regarding personal data. Some operators can lock and close an account if it remains inactive for a specified period of time.

Limits and restrictions

The first requirement to be met to enter the fantastic world of sports betting is to be of age. In this sense, all bookmakers are consistent. To register and start betting you must be at least 18 or over, in an agreement that promotes responsible gaming and the fight against gambling addiction.

Once the basics have been overcome, they should dedicate a space to the different limits of money that revolve around gambling, whether in terms of earnings, deposits or the amounts that can be wagered. First of all, this data varies depending on each bookmaker. In the case of earnings, the relative limits vary according to the sport and also according to the various markets available.

As for the minimum and maximum when making a deposit, there are also differences depending on the bookmaker, the method chosen and also the country-specific regulations. Credit cards usually require a minimum deposit of 10 euros and a daily maximum of 250,000 euros. For bank transfers, the minimum can increase slightly and reduce the maximum. Meanwhile, money can be bet depending on the event and the market in question. The ‘maximum bet’ is established by the analysts of each company.

Why can they close my account?

As mentioned above, one of the problems that can lead to the closure of the betting account is that some idle time passes. Then, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is essential to pay particular attention to the terms and conditions and the rules that each bookmaker puts to users.

In addition, the company will have the right to close an account if it considers that the owner has made fraudulent activity, in order to take advantage of a promotion or a bet itself. There are some people who have registered multiple accounts, some with fake names, in order to take advantage of the famous bonuses. If the bookmaker checks this situation, he immediately orders the closure of the account.

Identity theft, the use of foreign means of payment, false documentation and the realization that the money comes from illegal activities are other frequent violations for which operators can close the account.