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Bet-at-home – Review

In this review we treat the essential points of this bookmaker for sports betting so that you can make a good impression of Bet-at-home mobile. Let’s start with the site and the question whether the bookmaker is subject to EU rules.

First of all, let us consider that bet-at-home Entertainment Ltd is based in Malta in the highest building. The address is therefore in the Portomaso Business Tower. Furthermore Bet-at-home is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MAG). With this it is clear that the Bookmaker is subject to EU rules.

Users have a wide offer of different types of sports and games available. First you can play at the casino like for example the mini Blackjack and Mini Roulette. In addition to casino games, users can choose between different types of sports such as basketball, baseball or football. To select a type of sport, just click on the website. And with this we come now to the betting platform.


Regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority
clear structure of the commercial platform
Very low deposit possibilities
possible mobile bets
fast money transfer
very friendly customer service
quick response to our requests


the app sometimes doesn’t work properly

The commercial platform

Initially, we find that the Internet site uses the same colors as the bet-at-home symbol. This gives a high recognition value. Furthermore, users come to say by hand from the three main sectors of the website and see clearly where they are on the website when, for example, they are a specific series in a large federation.

As already mentioned for the choice of a type of Sport you have to click once on the Mouse button. This is like for other Bookmakers that even on their platforms offer fast access with links to different types of sports.

Bet at home deposit and Bonus

Is there also the possibility of placing bets via Smartphone? Yes, it exists. In the upper right corner of the website there are two mobile devices that can be clicked and users are directed to a page where they can see the advantages of the Apps.

This is also suitable for Android, Windows, Apple and Blackberry. We also saw the App up close and we came to the conclusion that sometimes it still does not work one hundred percent but that broadly makes good user reviews possible.

The website is automatically in English. For users, however, it is also possible to see it in another language.

Account opening

What do users need to open an account with this bookmaker? Then, they need an address and an Email and finally the account can be opened by choosing the deposit option. Here the user also has the choice between Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or immediate bank transfer.

The same for which method the user decides, at least 10 euros must be deposited. This is little in relation and means for potential users that the obstacle to take advantage of the offer is very low.

Customer Support

Customer service can be reached via three routes. By Email, or Phone or send an electronic contact request.