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Win big in the races … without betting!

Win big in the races … without betting!

If you want to go home with a big prize … we show you different ways to win without spending a fortune.
Horse racing is an elegant and sophisticated sport promoted by luxury sponsors such as Longines and Jaguar, ready to give great prizes to the best dressed people on the track.
Here is a list of the most exclusive places where you can win big without betting a penny.

The Breeder’s Cup, Longines Prize for Elegance

The Breeder’s Cup is one of the most popular horse races held in the USA, where Longines is one of its biggest sponsors, also worldwide, of this type of event.

The award

Last year, the best dressed man and woman were awarded Longines watches. So if you are a satisfied owner of a Swatch watch, or if you have always dreamed of a luxury watch, we tell you that these particular watches cost between $ 2,000 and $ 7,000, depending on the design. But if on the contrary, you are more than spending a weekend in a spa, you can always sell your profit on Ebay and make your profit effective.
Did you tell us that the male winner was awarded his luxury watch by Simon Baker? You can see it in the following picture

Arlington Million, for the Best Dressed

Unfortunately, the suits will be overlooked in this particular event, since the Arlington Million is a contest that seeks the best dressed lady on the track.
These types of events are promoted to increase the female audience in the sport of horse racing. On this occasion, women in Chicago had the opportunity to win big in the contest that sought the most elegant headdress and the new fashion award.
In the 2014 competition, the best-dressed ladies were observed upon their arrival and an invitation was offered with which they could access an audition at the end of the day. Unfortunately, there was no reward for the tardies on this occasion.

The award
The top 20 finishers were invited to a champagne toast and each of the contestant ladies was given a gift bag. And although the winning compensation was relatively small, the protagonist received a large number of prizes from the sponsors, as well as a gift certificate worth $ 150 for the South Barrington Arboretum.
The good thing about this contest is that all the participants were able to return to their homes with a small gift prize.

The Kentuky Derby, for the Best Hat

Horse racing is almost more known for its hat culture than for horse racing itself, so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of this tradition. So, for this important event the men and women were asked to come, to have something on their head that would impress the judges.
Although it is a unisex contest, men and women are judged by different categories.

The award

The good news of the Kentuky Derby is that not only are you going to make money in the official race, local companies and hotels also offer rewards for those who have something very striking on their heads.

For example, this year, the Potawoni Hotel and Casino held its own competition for the best hat, where its members were encouraged to wear a hat to win a first prize worth $ 300, a second of $ 200 and a third of 100. dollars, all in cash.

The Kentuky Oaks Fashion Contest

The Carrera Potra is known for its pink carpet, which was chosen in support of breast cancer. Also, for women who were dressed in pink, they would have the opportunity to win a nice Longines watch.

Preakness Stakes, Fashion Forecast

If you have missed the chance to win at the Kentuky Derby, do not worry, there are Longines sponsors at almost every horse racing event in the world, so another watch of up to $ 5,000 will be in play, as is the case with the Triple Crown of the USA.

The award

You already know, you will have the opportunity to win a very expensive watch.
It also offered the opportunity to win other kind of gratifications from local fashion designers for the ladies who attended the races.

Melbourne Cup, Fashion on the track

This autraliano contest is also one of the favorites to win prizes in horse races related to fashion. With Emirates as one of your main sponsors, you can return home with really expensive and reserved flights.
The best part of this contest is that there are many award-winning categories, so the odds of winning are much higher. These categories include:
1.Family Recewear
2. Racewear Girl
3. Chico Recewear
4. Lord Racewear
5. Lady Racewear
Sponsor Myer also offered prizes to the best-dressed men and women each day of the Melbourne Carnival Cup.
There were too many who volunteered at this event to name them, but these are the most outstanding:
-6,000 dollars to spend on Myer.
-A Lexus IS 300h Sports, with an approximate cost of $ 48,000.
-Flights of Emirates Airlines.

Dubai World Cup

With a bag of more than 27 million dollars, and sponsors like Jaguar, it is not surprising that these horse races are not just any event; Here some of the most impressive prizes are offered to the most elegant attendees. Attendees can win huge prizes, according to different categories:
1. Best creative hat
2. Best hat
3. Better dressed man
4. Best dressed couple
5. Longines to the most elegant woman
6. Best dressed woman

The award

Last year, the best-dressed woman took home a type F Jaguar with a value of approximately $ 92,000.
The male winner won thanks to a retro suit accompanied by a top hat. You can see his reward, another Jaguar, in the image shown below.
Other important sponsors are HTC or 5 star complexes.
Dubai is a city where money moves, thanks to this the great caliber of the endowments makes Dubai the best place to win big and without bets, and can also enjoy a day enlivened by horse racing.

Cape Town, Queen of L’Ormarin

Who said that horse racing was boring; At this South African event attendees who want to take a gift home have an exclusive dress code, blue and white colors.
Without these two tonalities the chances of winning are zero and you will only see how competitors wearing these colors will take advantage.
The competition consists of two prizes: the best hat and the best dressed. Both awards include the participant’s partner.
The award
This year, the winners and their partners were given flights to the United Kingdom to attend the Glorious Goodwood races.
In addition, the winner of the best costumes and her partner, won flights to Cape Town in a 5-star hotel for 5 nights.