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Top10: The betting songs you should know

Top10: The betting songs you should know

That the rhythm does not stop, do not stop, no.
Do you remember Furor? They just had to tell you a word and you should find songs that had that word.
If you think you were good in this game, the next question is for you. Would you know songs that talk about the game and the bets, or about poker and casinos?
Surely in these songs do not reach the remarkable, but do not worry because we help you.
Maybe you did not think about it, but there are a few songs related to the world of betting and in Kelbet we have made a selection of the best ones for you.
Here is our top 10:

Poker face

In Kelbet we already tell you what it means to put a poker face, but Lady Gaga probably does not think exactly poker when she sings this song. Or if?

You can not read my …
can not read my …
no, you can not read my poker face
(she should not love anyone),
can not read my …
can not read my …
no, you can not read my poker face
(She should not love anyone).

Poker face…
Poker face…

Bet on the Rock ‘n’ Roll

The guys from Heroes of Silence were more of betting on Rock’n’roll, but of betting at the end of the day.

Let’s go girl to the sea
There is no sunrise in this city
And I do not know if I was born to run
but maybe I was born to bet

I can not give you my heart anymore
I lost my bet on rock’n’roll
I lost my bet on rock’n’roll
I lost my bet
It’s the debt that I have to pay
and there is no point in abandoning
It no longer makes sense to leave
OOoooohhhh !!!
Noooo beats the heart.

Black Jack

Ray Charles tells us in his classic Blackjack the problems that this game has caused him.

Ah let me tell people
About this game of blackjack
It has caused me more than problems

I would be wrong again

Sometimes luck is on our side, but many others are not. And if not, they ask Fito and Los Fitipalis.

It will be more fun
when I do not touch losing,
I’m still betting on 5
and every 2 times 3 leaves 6.
I would dance with you
but I’m deaf with one foot.


Los chicos de Veneno Crew son bastante claros en Pokerstar. ¡Escúchala entera!, no tiene desperdicio.

Timba de poker socio apoquina
cuida bien tus fichas siente la adrenalina
juega tus cartas pero con paciencia
no es cuestion de suerte sino de inteliguencia.

The winner takes it all

Although the Abba group has no aces to play, it is impossible not to feel in a musical listening to their songs. Mamma mia!I have played all my cards
and that is what you have done
Nothing more to say, no more aces than playing
The winner takes everything, the loser shrinks
In the face of victory, that is your destiny

Vinegar and roses

If someone runs out of tickets for their concert in less than an hour, it will be for something. The great Sabina plays pairs or nones in this song. Will it win?The song that I’m singing
start in other songs
and ends up in a hospital.
Why do I keep playing
life in pairs or odd
for so-and-so?

The Gambler

Johnny Cash tells us in his “Player” some of his stories. We suggest you pay attention to the lyrics and take note.

About 20 years ago, on a train bound for nowhere,
I met The Player; We were both too tired to sleep.
So we took turns staring through the window in the dark.
Until “boredom overtook us and he started talking.

Viva Las Vegas

If you have not married Elvis Presley yet, do not worry, here we leave you the song of the city of sin.

The bright light of the city will put my soul
is going to put my soul in the fire
has a large amount of money that is ready to record,
so the bets above
there are a thousand pretty women waiting “out there
and they are all the devil can take care of life
and I’m just the devil with the spare love
Live Las Vegas, Live Las Vegas