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The 10 worst quotes from sports commentators

The 10 worst quotes from sports commentators

In some games the comments of the sports commentators themselves give more play, than the competition itself. A good commentator can make you love and live any encounter, while others can make you sleep … or laugh.

1. ThanksSara

Sara Carbonero, the well-known commentator of mediaset, started the broadcastings of the World Cup very badly. His irrelevant comments about the party did not incite the debate, so his boss J.J. Santos answered with a “Thank you Sara” that ended up becoming a viral phenomenon on Twitter with a lot of memes and with great repercussion in the press.

2. Josep Pedrerol

The program is known for leading heated debates among sports commentators, but that night the quarrel was for the fellow, with which Pedrerol was angry, shouting “Becarios aquí no” because he could not solve a technical problem. The repercussion was such in the Spanish press that he had to apologize.

3. Siro López

The well-known sports journalist messed up in the last World Basketball Championship. Apparently Siro was not very informed … and decided that it is better to invent names than to learn them, rechristening former Real Madrid player Mickael Gelabale as Jerome or José Calderón with Juan Carlos.

4. Míchel González

The former Real Madrid player turned coach, known among sports commentators for his statements, worked in the sports broadcast of TVE from 94 to 2005, during his years he left pearls that left the audience between perplexed and pensive, with phrases like ” In this match or draw or win one of the two. ” And it is that Míchel does not speak, Míchel sentence.

5. Nico Abad

The reporter that Mediaset put in command of the Moto GP broadcast. His constant mistakes ended the patience of many, as when he exclaimed “Márc Márquez’s second mistake to close the championship” believing that it had fallen, but it was simply a repetition.
But not only end with the patience of the viewers, the Spanish press described a “moment Why not shut up?” Of the presenter, along with the former Spanish monarch, to interfere in a private conversation between him and the former pilot Angel Nieto. When trying to put the microphone to see what they were talking about, Juan Carlos I asked him to stop.

6. Manolo Lama

In the program of Cuatro ‘Los Manolos’, the controversial Manolo Lama made a raised comment to Manu Carreño that had nothing to do with sports. “That’s what you would like,” he said when Carreño asked everyone to “push” the tennis player Garbiñe.

7. Manuel Poyan

The sportscaster talked more during a broadcast of a tennis match. “You’re going to shit, sons of bitches,” he said during the first of the ads, continuing with “That’s right, Nadal’s ads come in, do not you? You’re going to remember, majetes.”

8. César Martínez

On the other side of the pond we can find César Martínez, who could be defined as the king of the obvious. He often likes to be a man of time, “from what I see in heaven I think it may rain this afternoon … or not” or try to give not very accurate information about the total number of fans present in the stadium “I calculate … between 30 and 50 thousand. ”

9. Gustavo Mendoza

Continuing on American soil, Gustavo Menodza commentator of Fox Sports. It has a peculiar style and its phrases are already famous there as “” CON-DE-NA-DO-TEEEEE “,” chacala-chacala-boom “,” greetings to the people of the ‘twittha’ “,” no con-cré -taaa “or” and he said naaaaaaah! ”

10. Roncero

The journalist and commentator, a classic of the Spanish press, has starred innumerable television moments. One of the most memorable is his speech, including tears, praising the Spanish team “This is the Spain we all wanted, this is the Spain we all need”.