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Expressions and jokes that you will surely hear in a bingo room

Expressions and jokes that you will surely hear in a bingo room

Bingo is more than a game. Not only because of the possibility of making money with him, but for the whole universe that has formed around him in the form of vocabulary, terms and even humor.
So that the next time you visit a room you are in your element, we present the most common terms, expressions and jokes that you will surely hear while playing.


1. Expressions in bingo
2. The best bingo jokes

Expressions in bingo

Perhaps the universe of this game has not reached the size of poker, where even the dress is defined, however, certain terms have become a reference for its players. At the same time, these facilitate communication by defining simple repetitive actions.

Basic vocabulary

These are some of the most common expressions that are part of the vocabulary of any room, online or live:
Note: As it is such a popular game in the United States and England, some are in English.

1. Inside: if you only have one number left to fill your card, do not hesitate to use this expression.
2.Admission: consists of the minimum amount of cards you must buy to start playing. It can change depending on the room, but usually a package of between three and six per game is spoken.
3.Buy-in: refers to the purchase of bingo cards.
4. Automatic purchase: if you are playing online, this is an option that will allow you to buy a certain amount of cards automatically to continue the game.
5. Cash-in-prize: this is a variety of this game where the prize is paid in cash. The pot comes from the registration of all the players in a certain room.
6.  Embossed cardboard: is a type of 4 × 4 cardboard that is usually placed on a board and whose numbers are marked with small colored chips.
7. Channel of ball: it is one of the expressions of this game of chance used to define the channel where the balls circulate to reach the main area of the game.
8.  Flimsy: It is a cardboard a little thinner than the traditional and that normally pays better, so its price is a little higher.
9.  Front House: this is the table located at the main door of the room.
10.   Bird game: before performing the normal session, you can hear this expression that implies that a quick game will be played, as a warm-up.
11. Money Ball: dynamic that consists of assigning a number to each participant before starting the game. The player who sings bingo with this number has a double prize.
12.  Last night bingo: also called “moonlight”, this is a session that starts late at night, usually around 10:00 P.M. If you consider yourself a night owl, add this expression to your vocabulary.

The nicknames of the balls

Much of the richness of the expressions in bingo lies in the way the balls are sung as they are drawn. Many numbers have particular nicknames, such as nine, where it is customary to hear the phrase, “Raise the tail of the donkey and drink.”
There are also “The pretty girl” to refer to 15, “The two ducks” when talking about 22 or “The age of Christ” when we want to sing the 33. There are as many expressions as there are balls in bingo (75, 90 or 100, depending on the version), so do not be surprised if you hear “El borrego” (48), “Las banderillas” (11), “La docena” (12), “Navidad” (25), or “La cebolla “(63), among others.

The best bingo jokes

As we saw before, humor does not remain outside in this game. The nicknames of the balls are just an appetizer, because there are a number of jokes that have this game as a protagonist, which are responsible for entertaining more than one game. Here are some of them:

Joke # 1: How much cardboard?

A man enters for the first time to play. The manager asks:
– “How many cartons do you want?”
– “How are they?” Replies the man
– “At two euros each.”
– “Well, give me one from Winston and one from Malboro.”

Joke # 2: blondes and bingo

During a night of women in a room only for blondes, things had been pretty boring: no one had sung bingo all night. However, everything seemed better when, for the last game, a big pot of 350,000 euros was unveiled. Once the round had begun, almost all the numbers had already left, which gave the signal that some of the blondes present should be about to sing. Finally, the 47th is announced, but even so there is no winning cry heard.
Already frustrated, the administrator of the room shouted to those present: “I just announced each and every one of the numbers and nobody has a full cardboard? Can you tell me what number the ladies are waiting for? “In unison, the 412 blondes answer:” The blank space. ”

Joke # 3: Full carton

Pablo and Sofia are playing. Pablo continually looks at Sofia’s cardboard, saying, “You have that number, mark it … you have that other one, mark it.” After putting up with her for a while, Sofía loses her patience and demands: “Why do not you take care of your own cardboard !!”, to which Pablo replied “I can not, it’s full!”.

Joke # 4: Sweet and nice old lady

Question: How do you get a sweet and nice old lady to start cursing and saying bad words?
Answer: Get another sweet, dear, and nice old lady scream BINGO!