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Do you know what is being played? Discover the best casino cocktails

Do you know what is being played? Discover the best casino cocktails

Offer with us
When you’re in the casino ask for the Casino Royale cocktail, your favorite poker drink or whatever you want. Especially do it if you are in Las Vegas, since there is the city of sin who pays. Calm your thirst


Tasting a mojito while playing roulette is an option that many people usually choose, since it is a perfect casino drink, and more specifically a poker drink. Do you know the hours that a game can last? The mojito sugar will give you the energy to hold the pace, but be careful! The mojitos are drunk like water and it’s not a matter of you leaving the casino on all fours.


Maybe it’s not the alcoholic drink with more class, but it does not matter. The beer is digestive, antiseptic and food, all in one. In summer fresh and with lemon and in winter you can take it hot. There are so many good reasons to drink beer that it would be impossible to mention them all. Also, it is usually the cheapest casino drinks, so if luck has not been on your side, beer is perhaps your best -or only- option.

Porn Star Martini

“Vodka Martini, agitated, not stirred”. The Porn Star is the royale casino cocktail and therefore the agent 007. Bond wanted it hectic, but you can order it however you want. It’s a classy alcoholic drink and a perfect casino cocktail to celebrate that you’ve won.

Vodka Redbull

Although the Redbull fever has already passed, this energetic liquid continues to accompany many of the casino players, and many students in the exam period. According to some studies, this mixture is a pump since the combination of energy drinks with alcohol increases the risks associated with it. Although we suggest you go carefully, we also recommend you to try adding a grenadine stream. Richer still!

Seven & Seven

This casino drink was ordered by Jonh Travolta in Saturday Night Fever or Niro’s Robet in Goodfellas and surely you have not tried it yet. The combination is perfect and you can also improve it with ice and lemon. For many players it is the perfect poker drink, but yes, if you are playing remember to put more 7Up than whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s Cola

The whiskey cola always can not be missing from the list of casino drinks. In addition, ordering a particular whiskey makes the combination have even more class.
Probably Jack Daniel’s is a regular in your bottle-assuming that you have left behind the calimocho-, so you can include it in one of your drinking games in poker.

 Old Fashioned

No matter how “old-fashioned” it is, this cocktail is fundamental in a good poker game. The Old Fashioned has its origin in Kentucky, but its arrival in the Big Apple and then the rest of the world was imminent.
Crush the orange with the sugar if you want to improve its flavor, and above all, do not forget to add a lot of ice.

Gin Tonic

Equal is not the alcoholic drink with more class, nor is a cocktail of Casino Royale, but you know that it could not miss. It’s a fact, gin and tonic is fashionable, and you, like most, have also fallen into their networks.
Cocktails and fashion venues have not been slow to do all kinds of experiments with the combination of tonic and gin, from juniper berries to dehydrated strawberry.
In addition, and as an interesting fact, most bars in Spain prepare the combined with double or triple the amount of gin recommended. Watch out!


Maybe you’re one of those who think “water for ducks”, but H2O is ideal for poker and casino drink games. You know that it will not affect your conditions and if you are going to have to play a game of poker for hours, it may be what suits you best. You can take it mineral, natural, gaseous and even flavored.