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Casino Portugal Betting

Casino Portugal Betting – Bonus € 100

The new “hybrid” house licensed in Portugal has gone out – Casino Portugal Betting

Casino Portugal is the first house that launches in the Portuguese market with two slopes available to the gambler, the slope Casino and sports betting on the quota, casinoportugal thus already has both options.
The Portuguese regulator, SRIJ, awarded the 7th license to this Online Game operator; Casino Portugal belonging to Sociedade Figueira Praia, SA.
This new bookmaker affirms itself in the market for being 100% Portuguese, and still says that it was created by bettors, for bettors.
The differentiation is centered in this slogan, because it tends to offer the best and The need of the bettor, already as it presents itself to the market, was made by bettors.
Casino Portugal will have the support and experience of one of the largest casinos in Portugal, the Casino da Figueira which belongs to the Amorim Turismo Group.
Casino Portugal is on the main social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Casino Portugal arrives with the biggest bonus available in the Portuguese market in absolute terms. This is a percentage bonus on the initial deposit.
There are 100 euros of bonus available to new customers. Although the conditions are not so generous. The bonus consists of 10% of the deposit amount with a minimum of 50 euros deposit to access the Bonus.
Rollover: The good news here is that there are no rollover conditions to get the bonus. That is, deposited received and without any condition to withdraw their money.


As was thought by bettors, the Layout is accessible and easy to use. The interactivity with the user is simple, easy and with a good graphic environment.
Access and navigation is fast, without rigid and complicated processes of registration in the house, but always obeying what the regulation requires. Simplicity and ease dominate CasinoPortugal’s proposal.
Layout is Portuguese and developed by Portuguese. This house has chosen not to “rent” any other platform in the market. It was fully developed by the group.
Mobile devices: The house does not yet offer a mobile-specific app. However the site can be used directly via mobile.
But here’s a suggestion since today a mobile app is a crucial question for the success of any bookmaker.


Casino Portugal arrives with the best offer of deposit and withdrawal methods comparing it with other licensed Portuguese houses. Unlike the other competitors that restrict the banking solutions to the house and offers two electronic wallets so that the bettors can move their funds.
Deposits: Casino Portugal offers several methods for placing funds into your account. The main ones are the bank transfer and the ATM.
In the bank transfer the deposit has no minimum value nor no associated fee. The estimated term for the money to fall into your account is 1 to 5 business days. May be available until sooner.
In the case of deposit through ATM, the processing is instantaneous, that is, it falls on time. Then with values ​​equal to or greater than 20 euros are completely free. But you could also deposit below that, however, there is a 2.50% fee under these conditions.
In the offer of electronic wallets is that the Casino Portugal is different. The house offers the popular paypal and also a local e-wallet – the Meo Wallet.
To deposit via paypal the minimum value for deposit is 10 euros for no fees. If you deposit below that the fee is 1.75% on the value of the deposit. Remember that through paypal the transfer is instantaneous.


Casino Portugal has an extensive list of texts and information to help the new player.
The house has a help center that offers terms and conditions, FAQ, Responsible gaming and payments.
Moreover the house stands out by the positive when offering the social networks for contacts to its members.
CasinoPortugal has a fan page on facebook with 100% response rate, as well as Twitter and Instagram where customers can express themselves and request a more direct support.
Here we refer to the absence of chat as a method of support and help. The addition of an online chat could be a great asset for Casino Portugal.


At the moment the house concentrates its attentions in the soccer, basketball, tennis and rugby.
Inside the betting options the house stands out by the offer of DNB, both mark and some special bets. We miss the offer of the Asian handicap even though we know that in the Portuguese market it is not always easy.


– Biggest Bonus for the Portuguese market
– Variety in Deposit and Collection Methods


– Live platform somewhat simple.
– No statistics or info from online games
– Bonus could have more generous conditions