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10 mythical moments in all horse races

10 mythical moments in all horse races

It has happened to you, and you know it.

You had seen the horse races in the movies and they had always attracted your attention, and although you had to wait, finally one day your friends proposed you to go to the racecourse.
If you accepted the proposal, you would soon realize that not everyone wears a hat and that horse races are like football games, much better to see them live.
Whether you are a great fan of horse racing or you have only come once in a lifetime, at Kelbet we believe that there are certain mythical moments that we have all experienced at the racecourse. Surely you feel identified with more than one!

1- Serious criteria when choosing

You arrive at the hippodrome excited and with all the desire to make your first bet. The key moment arrives: the time to choose a horse.
We know – we have all done it – that on more than one occasion you have chosen your horse by name. Pegasus, Rocinante, Star of the night, Rocky … There are names for all tastes. Do you remember yours?

2- You think you’ve won

…But no! If you wear glasses, do not forget to wear them that day. It is embarrassing to celebrate that your horse has won when in the background it has not.
Our advice: Do not lose sight of him.

3- Disqualify your horse

And you remember all his family. After all, and even if he is among the best, it is a horse. If you gallop instead of jogging, you can not do anything.
However, your anger is monumental and even curse the moment you decided to bet on him.

4- You are not

Only you can go to the bathroom or go to smoke 2 minutes before the race begins. When you return the race is over.
Thank goodness that at least your horse has been the winner. For once and you go and you miss it!

5- Photo finish

Something does not fit you. You have followed your thoroughbred since the start of the race and you have not taken your eyes off. Everything was going well and you even think that he was the winner, but feeling very much the photo finish does not lie.
As much as you can not understand it, you have lost.

6- Last seconds

They say that the best always comes at the end, but not for everyone. Every fan of horse racing has happened to you: your horse goes in first position throughout the tour. What’s more, you already assume that you will win, but in the last seconds you are overtaken, leaving you disappointed and with a bad taste in your mouth.

7- Everyone wins

Except you. It’s okay to make your own decisions, but if all your friends are betting on the same horse, do it too even if you do not think it’s going to win.
As with the Christmas lottery, and even though you think it is throwing money away, it can be very frustrating to see how they all celebrate while you are left without knowing what to do.

8- Time to leave

After spending all day at the racecourse you already know some trick, you start to find out how everything works and you’ve even caught the taste. But everything comes to an end!
When you’re having a better time – now you understand – it’s time to leave. But do not lament, there will be more days.

9- Time to collect

You are happy. Even if you won € 2 (forget that you started with 50), you go home happy and even let go of “come, I invite”.
If you remember your first horse races, you will remember that pride and satisfaction you have when going to collect your winnings.

10- Very good

Sales of the hippodrome excited with your miserable € 5 and do not stop repeating to your friends how much fun it has been.
Even though they hate you – you are very heavy – and probably never come back with you, they answer yes, that has been very good.