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Unibet is one of the strongest European sportsbook that also operates on the territory of Romania. Founded in 1997, the agency entered the online market two years later, and since then has achieved the eight-fold title of Best Betting at the International Gaming Awards. In the past years he was the main sponsor of Rapid, and currently he has as ambassadors two of Romania’s former great footballers, Ilie Dumitrescu and Ionel Dănciulescu.

Opening a new account on the site is very simple. The registration button is in the top right corner of the site. In order to be able to register you must complete a four-step form. For the first time, you’ll need to choose the bid you’d like to receive and enter the first and last name of your email address, date of birth, and CNP. Then write the address, postal code, city and phone number. In step three you choose your username, password, but also a security question and a specific answer that will help you recover your password in case you forget it. The last page is where you must accept the terms and conditions of the site before opening your account.

Welcome Bonus
Unlike other bookmakers offering an additional bonus based on the amount deposited, Unibet gives new customers a no-risk bet of up to 250 €. This means that for the first bet placed after opening your account you will receive the money back, up to 250 €, if it is unsuccessful. And if it is a winner then the bonus is considered complete and you no longer have to meet other requirements.
If you have lost your bet without risk and you have received the bet, you must roll it three times before it can be withdrawn. You have to bet 250 x 3 = 750 €. All events with a minimum of 1.40, live or pre-match will be considered. The bonus must be run in no more than 30 days, otherwise all accumulated earnings will be lost.
Careful! You can only place one free bet without risk. If you lose and choose to place the bonus on multiple tickets, each bet must be placed in different markets.

In order to take advantage of the best odds at Unibet, we must first deposit funds. The deposit button is also in the upper right corner. The minimum amount is 25 lei! We have four options to feed our account from
* credit / debit card (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, EntroPay)
* paysafecard
* Trusts
* Bank transfer
Once you have chosen the way you want to fund your account you must log in and choose the amount you want to deposit. In the case of cards, you must first add one by entering the name on the card, the code on that card and the date on which it will expire. Your card will appear among the deposit options and you only have to select it, write the amount you want to fund and fill in the last 3 digits of the code on the back (CVV2). The selected amount will be instantly charged to your account.

Unlike deposits, withdrawals are not instances, and the money gets in the pocket a little harder, depending on the way we chose. Each procedure has a different duration, but in order to be able to withdraw from Unibet we have to check our account first. That is, to send the necessary documents for our identity to be verified: the identity card and / or the card we use for deposits / withdrawals.
The ways we can withdraw money from your Unibet account are as follows:
* credit / debit card (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, EntroPay): minimum 65 € in 1-3 days
* Neteller: minimum 65 € in 12 hours
* bank transfer: minimum 65 €in 1-3 days

Unibet Bonuses
Unibet Romania offers some of the most important bonuses for sports betting. In addition to the welcome bonus, the online agency constantly offers valid promotions for old and new customers at the most important sports events. Whether we’re talking about free bets, risk-free bets or stakes redeemed for lost tickets, online Unibet promotions attract a large number of betting enthusiasts.
Each player on benefits not only from the welcome bonus, but also from a no-risk bet of 50 € on the first bet placed on the mobile phone. In order to take advantage of the offer, you must place a minimum bet of 50 € on any phone for any sports event. The money will be credited to your account within 48 hours if the bet is lost. If the bet is a winner then the bonus is considered complete and you no longer have to meet other requirements. The bonus must be rolled 3 times at odds of at least 1.40 before it can be withdrawn.

Why do we bet on Unibet?
The offer on is an extremely rich one that includes a wide range of sports and a large number of betting types for each game, both pre-live and in the live betting section of the site. Betting odds are attractive for players who want to rely on Daytona, Ticket of the Day.
Among the important features Unibet offers is the opportunity to take advantage of the agency’s recommendation. Go to the “Refer a Friend” section where you will be able to invite 5 friends to register on the site. Once they open your account and meet the bonus requirements, you will receive 150 € for each friend. That means a total of 750 €!
Friends must log in via the email received within 30 days. Once you have fulfilled the bonus requirements, you will receive a bonus of 150 € for each. Money can be bet or run immediately without any further running requirements!

In addition to attractive odds, Unibet also offers an increasingly popular option amongst bettors in Romania. It is a Cashout or Bet Closure, a variant that gives the player the chance to escape the emotions of a party with the end of a knife edge. For the less well-known, the Cashout option allows a player to close the bet at any time for a lower profit or to reduce losses. For example, if we bet on AC Milan’s victory in a match with Juventus, and the score is 1-0 in our favor. In the 85th minute we can call the Cashout to win even 90% of the amount we would have won if the bet was the winner at the end of the match. A variant that can bring us an important profit instead of a lost bet due to an equalizer of Juventus in the game’s extra time.

Unibet TV
In addition, players registered on can watch in real time matches from the main European championships and the most important sports events around the world. A huge asset in favor of the agency, which offers the possibility for Romanian bettors to observe the games they want to bet. In addition to parties in Europe’s finest football championships, the agency broadcasts numerous tennis, hockey, basketball, volleyball and many other sports.

Unibet odds can also be played from your mobile phone via a quick application. It can be installed on Android and iOS systems and offers the same features that can be found on the PC. The site also has an excellent mobile platform and can be accessed from the phone without installing the app. Each player on also benefits from a non-risk bet of 50 € on the first bet placed on the mobile phone.

Insurance 90+
For the 2017/2018 season, Unibet offers bettors the chance to recover their stake placed on a lost ticket with a goal scored in the game’s extra time. Betting bets between 25 and 200 € of the correct match type, pause / finals, the first scorer and the last scorer of Premier League, Champions League and La Liga matches. The stake will be returned within 48 hours of the end of the match. The offer is valid for both simple and combo bets.

Multiple months
Unibet also offers increased odds each week for the main European championships. Special rates for weekends come Monday and remain up for 24 hours. After 23:59, the odds will no longer be available.

50% extra profit
League 1 fans can take advantage of a special promotion for the first echelon. First you must opt for the offer in the promotions section of the site until 12:00 on the day of the first match of the stage. The maximum bet per ticket is 100 € and the offer will be available every Friday after 13:00. All you have to do is place a ticket with at least 4 Liga 1 selections and select the profit increase offer. So if the ticket is winner you will receive a 50% bonus on winning. The bonus will not exceed 1,000 € .

Free live bets
The option is also valid for Liga 1 parties. All you have to do is place at one stage four live bets with a bet of at least 25 € at odds of at least 1.40. After the end of the round you will receive a free live bet of 25 € . Only live bets will be considered for this promotion. The winnings from the free bets will not include the stake.