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Superbet is remarkable on the Romanian market, especially through the offer from land agencies. He sponsored several League 1, Petrolul, Ceahlăul or Rapid groups, resuming partnership with the Giulesti team earlier this season, although the “cousins” are evolving in League 4. In the CEEGC Awards 2017, Superbet won the prize for “Best sports betting operator in Central and Eastern Europe”. Superbet aims to develop the site and launch online and offline in Poland, and will also enter other markets in Central and Western Europe. Moreover, the agency has entered the last stage of negotiations to obtain an operating license online in Gibraltar and will become the first business in Central and Eastern Europe to enter this selected field subject to the world’s most stringent online gambling legislation .

Opening a new account on the Superbet site is very simple. The registration button is located in the top bar of the site in the vicinity of an agency logo. To be able to register, you must complete a three-step form. In the first part you must write your e-mail address, your first and last name. In second step you will enter CNP, county, city, address and phone number. The last step will be choosing a username and a password that you will enter twice.

Welcome Bonus
Unlike other bookmakers, which provide an additional bonus based on the amount deposited, Superbet offers our customers a no-risk bet of 50% within the limit of 250 € . This means that if you paid 500 € for the first bet, you will receive 50% of the money, that is, 250 € , if it is ungrateful. If the bonus is a winner, the bonus is considered complete and does not have to meet other requirements.
Careful! Once the bonus has been activated, each player has 30 calendar days to complete the rollout, or he / she will lose the bonus and winnings earned up to that time. Money must work 5 times before withdrawal, 250 x 5 = 1,250 € . The minimum amount for each event on the ticket must be 1.50. Tickets that contain “Super Share” matches and have a total odds of less than 4.00 are not considered in the running requirements. You can not withdraw money until the end of the run or at the expiration of 30 days. The bonus can be canceled by contacting the customer service department of the Superbet site.

In order to take advantage of the best odds at Superbet we must first deposit funds. The deposit button is also in the top bar of the site next to the agency logo. The minimum amount is 10 € in the agency and 20 € through the other methods! We have seven options to feed our Superbet account:
* VISA credit / debit card
* Mastercard credit / debit card
* paysafecard
* Skrill – Moneybookers
* Neteller
* Bank transfer
* Direct to Superbet Agencies
First, you have to choose from 3 deposit, online, bank transfer or agency. Once you’ve chosen to fund your online account, you’ll need to enter the amount. You must then log in or, in the case of cards, fill in the number on the face and the last 3 digits of the code on the back (CVV2). The selected amount will be instantly charged to your account.

Unlike deposits, withdrawals are not instances, and the money gets in the pocket a little harder, depending on the way we chose. Each procedure has a different duration, but in order to be able to withdraw from Betano, we must first check our account. That is, to send the necessary documents for our identity to be verified: the identity card and / or the card we use for deposits / withdrawals.
The ways we can withdraw money from your account are as follows:
* VISA credit / debit card: minimum 20 € in 3-6 days
* MasterCard credit / debit card: minimum 20 € in 3-6 days
* Skrill – Moneybookers: minimum 20 € instant
* Neteller: minimum 20 € instant
* bank transfer: minimum 20 € a day
* Direct to Superbet Agencies

Superbet Bonuses
Superbet Romania offers some of the most important sports betting bonuses both online and offline. In addition to the welcome bonus, the bookmaker offers valid promotions for old customers at the most important sports events. Whether we are talking about free bets, risk-free bets or stakes redeemed for lost tickets, Superbet online promotions attract a large number of betting enthusiasts.
Each player enrolled on benefits not only from the welcome bonus, but also from special day bets. The most important events and competitions are marked with a star on the site and offer a list of additional bets for the respective matches. For soccer you can bet on the first event in the match when the first goal, markers, cards, combined bets, etc. are scored, while on the tennis you can bet on doubles mistakes, aces, winning strokes, combined bets etc. The special bets on each day offered by can be accessed from the top right of the site with a click on the “Special” button.

Why do we bet on Superbet?
The offer is an extremely rich one that includes a wide range of sports and a large number of betting types for each game, both pre-live and in the live betting section of the site. Betting odds are attractive for players who want to rely on Daytona, Ticket of the Day.
Among the great features Betano offers is the “Super 6” option, which allows you to place a fixed ticket every day with 6 balanced games chosen specifically by the betting house. For each of the six bets, you have to choose the final result, 1X2, each with odds of 2.80. This means that the ticket will have a final stake of approximately 482.00 and a fixed stake of one lion. Super 6 can be played online as well as offline, but the advantage of placing the bet on the site is that you avoid the fees for a ticket placed at the agency, which reduces the profit from 482 € to 459 € .

Super Cota
There is a selection of bets on the daily offer that Superbet proposes both in standard formula and much better odds for bets on the final result. The promotion includes daily matches from any sport in the offer and you can combine them with any other events. It is even possible to combine the bets on the final result or double chance in the Super Quote.

Super Extra
In addition to a selection of bets on highs, this is also the Super Extra permanent offer. Here you find more bets on the final result at higher odds than in the regular bid. On bets containing bets on this selection you must bet at least six events, that is, a Super Extra match and at least five other matches, each with a minimum odds of 1.10. If there is a Super Extra match on a ticket, or a minimum of 5 matches, each with a minimum odds of 1.10, the following matches you add may have a share of less than 1.10.

Mobile bets
Superbet odds can also be played on your mobile phone through the site that offers the same features as on the PC. Superbet does not have a special phone application yet, but the mobile platform is great and can be easily accessed from the smartphone.

Lodging at the headquarters of the agencies
Because it has started as a street agency, Superbet has hundreds of land agencies on the territory of Romania, which have also turned into places where online bettors can deposit their money if they do not want to use cards or other methods the payment. To feed your online account, you must be present at an age of your username and ID. If deposits are instantly made to your account, withdrawals are scheduled. There are two types of withdrawals at the agency, cash and instant. For cash it takes a day from the time you made the request and until you can raise your money from the agency. So if you withdraw your application Monday, you can present yourself at the agency office you chose to raise your money on Tuesday. Careful! You have up to two days to raise your money, otherwise the withdrawal will be canceled and the amount will be returned to your account. Instant withdrawals can be made on the same day with the request on the site, but you can only do one day and the maximum amount is 250 € .