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Payment methods at Luckia

In the following article we will present all the payment methods that this betting house has contemplated for the users who make transactions on their page.
Here are the usual banking methods and electronic methods that are so common today. Know them all below and compare which one is best for you to deposit and withdraw at Luckia.

– Luckia payment methods: step by step guide
– Methods of deposits and withdrawals available
– Frequently asked questions about transactions
– Customer Support

Luckia payment methods: step by step guide
In the instructions listed below you can find a step by step to make deposits and withdrawals with this operator once you access your account or register if you are not yet a user.

How to make a deposit?
Follow these simple steps with which you can make this transaction, which will depend on how much you estimate to enter the page of this betting house and through which method you want to do it.
– Access your Luckia account with your username and password
– Go directly to your account and then select the Deposit option
– Click on the payment method you want for this income
– Choose the amount of money to deposit in your new player account
– Play on the operator’s page

If you are just registering on the operator’s page, make your initial deposit to take advantage of the operator’s welcome bonus.

How to make a withdrawal?
Get the benefits of each game and bets by withdrawing your winnings and generating a withdrawal request in Luckia, follow these steps to choose your withdrawal method and enjoy the real money accumulated.
– Enter the username and password to start your session.
– Once logged into your account, choose Withdraw
– Select the method you want to complete this transaction
– Click on the amount you will withdraw from Luckia
– Receive the money in your chosen destination

Methods of deposits and withdrawals available
Compare the methods available to Luckia transactions with the website, here we will show the limits of each and the estimated time for your account, in each operation you make by choosing them.
Here we detail the methods to make deposits:

Methods of deposits                               Min / Max                                  Commission                                Transaction time
Visa                                          € 1 / € 600 all day                                    0%                                               Instantly
PayPal                                      € 10 / € 600 all day                                   0%                                               Instantly
Skrill                                       € 20 / € 600 all day                                   0%                                               Instantly
Trustly                                     € 20 / € 600 all day                                   0%                                               Instantly
Paysafe Card                                € 5 / € 600 all day                                     0%                                               Instantly
Neteller                                    € 20 / € 600 all day                                   0%                                               Instantly
Bank Transfer                              € 10 / € 600 all day                                   0%                                      1-3 working days

Compare now the methods that Luckia makes available to its users for withdrawals of earnings outside the operator’s page. Know the commutation assigned for each method, maximum and minimum quantities and the time in which this operation will be processed.

Methods of withdrawals                     Min / Max                        Commission                         Transaction time
Skrill                                              € 10                                       0%                                         24 hours
PayPal                                             € 10                                       0%                                          24 hours
Trustly                                             € 20                                       0%                                         Instantly
Neteller                                            € 20                                        0%                                        Instantly
Bank Transfer                                     € 10                                         0%                                2-3 working days

Frequently asked questions about transactions
Are there percentages of commission for transactions?
Luckia does not charge a commission percentage for deposits or withdrawals, when making any transaction, 100% of the amount you have decided to deposit or withdraw will be enabled.

How does identity verification work in Luckia?
During the registration process, all personal information is requested to carry out the identity verification. When making your registration, your personal information will be validated by Luckia and thus allow your access to the page and its functionalities, once your identification, bank details, mail, address, among others, is approved.
Take advantage of the offers and promotions by completing your registration with the code you get by clicking here.

What are the maximum amounts for withdrawals and deposits?
To do any of these operations, you must respect the limits of income and withdrawals that vary according to the method chosen for it.
For example, Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards admit income from € 1, while Paysafecard increases the limit by allowing € 5, and the remaining vary between € 10 and € 20 in the case of income and withdrawals. As a maximum amount for deposits, it goes from € 600 per day, making a request for the limit to increase.

What is the estimated time for these operations?
In the case of deposits, they are received immediately on the page, with the exclusion of bank transfers that take an approximate from 1 to 3 working days to be available in your new gaming account.
The withdrawals are awarded quickly if they are made with Trustly and Neteller, if the Paypal or Skrill payment method is chosen, its reception could take 24 hours. Finally, if you want to make a bank transfer, the waiting time increases to 2 or 3 business days.

Can I cancel a withdrawal?
Enter the option My Money, and then select the section Remove. There you will be able to visualize how to make the cancellation of the withdrawal that has been previously requested. If you can not find this option, it indicates that the requested withdrawal has already been sent to your account and is not available for cancellation.

What coins are available in Luckia?
All transactions must be carried out in Euros, as it is the only valid currency in this betting house.

Can I make international transactions?
The Spanish payment methods are the only ones valid for Luckia. If you access the online methods, PayPal and Skrill, you can make any transaction from a Spanish user.

Customer Support
As a more expeditious method, this operator has a live Chat that is available all day which you can access from your web portal.
You can also call the telephone number 900 37 28 23, enabled from Monday to Sunday between 9:00 and 24:00.
Write an email to [email protected] where you can also solve all your questions